Chlöe Bailey Gives A Tour Inside Her Beautiful Los Angeles Home

Chlöe Bailey smiles while posing on the red carpet
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Chlöe Bailey is a singer, songwriter, and actress and is hardly ever at home due to her highly rigorous schedule. Whether it is a meeting at the Parkwood Entertainment office, recording sessions in the studio, posing for a photoshoot, or serving hot looks on the red carpet, most of the singer's time is spent going from one place to another. 

However, Chlöe has created a Los Angeles hideaway where she can relax and unwind from her hectic schedule. 

Keep scrolling to see inside Chlöe's lovely LA home. 

Chlöe's Los Angeles Hideaway 

The 1,300-square-foot apartment marked a turning point in her supposedly mature age. Chlöe had a simple concept for her apartment's aesthetic: a serene area that felt "elegant, chic, and elevated" while also radiating "boss bitch" energy.

Her home reflects all of the attributes she represents, including confidence, ambition, and warmth of heart. After Chlöe moved in last July, it took around five months to design the apartment with the help of her godmother, who lives just a few minutes away. 

“It was so much fun because I always loved her home and her style. Now, it’s like I have a piece of her with me,” she said of her godmother. 

The Perfect Furnishings 

Beautiful furnishings in Chloe Bailey's home
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Chlöe teamed up with West Elm to include basic yet striking statement pieces in neutral and warm tones. Of course, she opted for her favorite colors for the furnishings.

As a result, her preferred hues were widely represented throughout the area, from a range of somber blues to the brass of a media console and its ornate, eye-catching accessories.

All in all, furnishing the house was a relatively straightforward procedure that did not necessitate a lot of strenuous lifting. As a result, the apartment finally felt finished by last December.

The Safe Haven 

The 23-year-old gave Architectural Digest a tour of her home. During the tour, Chlöe called her home, which boasts expansive city views, her "safe haven." In addition, the songstress revealed that she experiences an incredible sense of serenity when she enters.

On stepping into her home, one of the first things she mentioned was the artwork in the house, which included a lot of pictures of her and her 22-year-old sister and singing partner, Halle Bailey.

"I always have her around me because no matter how far or near we are, I just always like having a piece of her with me," Chlöe said.

Chlöe's In-home Work Space

Beautiful painting in Chloe Bailey's home
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Photographs of her loved ones are not the only things she keeps close to her heart. The singer also has an in-home studio for when she gets inspired. In addition, she showed off a stunning blue velvet sofa in her office, which she characterizes as an "easy" piece. 

"I love it. I don't have a second guest bedroom because music and my studio's more important," she explained. 

Throughout the vignettes in the home, there are motivational mantras and mottos. For instance, a plaque on her desk beside her recording equipment reads, "Do Epic Shit."

"It’s all about pumping yourself up for the day," Chlöe said. 

Chlöe's Favorite Place

Chloe Bailey in-built studio
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Chlöe's favorite furniture can be found in her bedroom. She considers the queen-size bed the most unique piece of furniture she possesses. 

“My godmom got that for me, and I feel like a princess every time I lie on it. It feels really grand,” she said. 

However, Chlöe can generally be found sleeping in the living room with her dog, Common. 

“I always fall asleep on the couch,” she admitted. 

For a young celebrity, Chlöe has shown that she has an excellent taste for beautiful and unique things. Her stunning Los Angeles mansion and all that is found inside prove it.