Brooke Ence In Bikini 'Enjoys The Life'

Close up of Brooke Ence Smiling in Blonde Hair
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CrossFit athlete-turned-trainer Brooke Ence shared a picture showing a fun time with her friends surfing on the beach and ziplining on a party yacht.

She mentioned to her one million-plus followers that it took her some time to find t perfect set of friends, but she's grateful for her tribe.

Brooke wore a red bikini showing off her washboard body as her blonde hair billowed in the breeze.

Brooke's friends also beamed in the background as they all sipped from their canned beverages while hanging on to the yacht's line.

"This is the life! It’s taken years of trial and error, but I have found my “people” and when we’re together….😎 well, it’s a fking party 🤘🏼Where to next, team?"

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Running A Podcast With Her Best Friend - Jeanna Cianciarulo

Brooke's two friends in the picture are Dana Linn Bailey, a Fitness and Figure Competitor, and Jeanna Cianciarulo, another CrossFit Athlete.

Brooke has a podcast with the latter called Between the Reps, where they discuss fitness, relationships, women's health, and life in general. The ladies also invite special guests who sometimes have personal experiences with each topic they choose.

Their most recent guests were husband and wife duo Dr. Arash Aftabi and Dr. Farnoush Fadavi, the founders of Bala Enzyme. They created a plant-based supplement drink to help with recovery, hydration, and gut health.

The couple also dished on their journey and the importance of their product to the public.

The Between The Reps hostesses also invited Brad Bromlow, the founder of Fat & Weird Cookies. Brooke, Jeanna, and Brad talked about balancing healthy eating and sweets. They also attempted to break a world record at the Cookies Fest, although they failed.

Inviting Fans To Join Her Summer Training Program

Currently, Brooke is a trainer with The Naked Program, and she's urged her followers to sign up for the Summer Challenge. Unfortunately for latecomers, the registration closed about four days ago, and they'll miss out on the possibility of being one of three Grand Prize Winners.

The team would invite them (the winners) out to Northern Utah to meet Brooke and the rest of the Naked team for a Spartan Race. Brooke clarified that they'd hang out with the winners and go head-to-head in friendly competition.

Since the beginning of the new year, the actress had been prompting the registration to ensure all her followers stayed up to date.