Mike Lindell Says He's On Brink Of Overturning 2020 Election

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell delivers a speech
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Damir Mujezinovic

The CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell has not given up on overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election, even though that is not even theoretically possible.

Lindell -- an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump -- now claims he is on the brink of overturning the election and removing Democrat Joe Biden from office.

Overturning 2020 Election

Speaking on his show, Lindell said that he is very close to finally proving the 2020 race was rigged.

As reported by Raw Story, the conspiracy theorist suggested that shocking revelations will be made on Thursday "if everything goes right."

"We are -- the preliminary injunction, the first one in the United States, it's going to be, come out on Thursday. We're looking at Thursday, if everything goes right," Lindell said.

"Now, I'm not going to give all the details, there's a lot of surprises. It's going to shock the country, as a matter of fact. How we're doing these, and how they're going down," he added.

Lindell Slams Media

Mike Lindell delivers a speech
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Lindell then ripped into the media for refusing to cover what he claims is evidence that the 2020 presidential election was rigged for Biden.

"So you journalists out there that are watching -- you know who I'm talking about -- all you that write the stupid stories on, you know, this subpoena and that subpoena, how about talking about the biggest crime in history, and how about these preliminary injunctions and what we're going with the evidence," the pillow magnate claimed.

"We're taking the evidence from the machines, because we know what's inside them," he stressed.

Election Conspiracy Theories

Lindell may have to pay a price for spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

Earlier this month, he was served with a defamation lawsuit filed by Eric Coomer, a former Dominion Voting Systems employee.

Coomer claims in his lawsuit that Lindell "irreparably tarnished" his reputation by pushing false claims about alleged voter fraud and irregularities.

Lindell is also being sued by Dominion Voting Systems itself. The company is demanding $1.3 billion in compensation from the pillow magnate.

GOP Is Embracing Election Lies

Former President Donald Trump looks on
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Much like Lindell, Trump has spread various conspiracy theories about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election -- and Republicans have embraced them.

Of the 111 candidates, Trump has endorsed this election cycle, at least 80 have promoted false and misleading claims about voter fraud, according to Five Thirty Eight.

Trump has made it clear that he intends to run for the White House once again in 2024, and polling suggests he would easily win the Republican presidential primaries.