Mikaela Shiffrin Surfs In Bikini

Close up of Mikaela Shiffrin
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Last year before the Winter Games commenced, Olympic Gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin showed off her surfing talent, proving that she's an all-around athlete. The 27-year-old wore a low-waist bikini bottom and tie-dye long-sleeved top flaunting her long-toned legs and abs as she glided across the ocean and caught massive waves.

She threw peace signs up and wore a bright smile as she looked ahead into a future that promised her third consecutive Winter Olympic win at skiing. Unfortunately, Mikaela had a bad run on the course this year causing aggrieved fans and some trolls to throw insults at her.

Sharing Her Story

The athlete braved the tough times and spoke up about the situation telling fans to ignore naysayers and focus on their goals. Outside Watch filmed her journey, and she opened up about the moment in the miniseries Passion & Purpose. The concluding episode aired yesterday. She wrote,

"There were a lot of really, really tough days at the Games. Life is not a linear journey, and amongst all of the negative stories that came out of my performance at the Games, I am grateful that this series captures my personal experience in such a raw and authentic way."

Missing Her Father

As suspected her father's death influenced her psyche at the games. Mikaela said,

"Whatever progress I thought I made over the last few years is gone. I mean he's supposed to be here and I can't let go of that yet. I haven't yet and on tough days, it's really tough... We just have to take each day as it comes."

Outside Watch thanked her for letting them share her story, and fans flooded her comments with positive messages saying,

"your Dad is soooo proud of you Miki 🥰" "You are one of the strongest woman I know <3 We will always be by your side❤️" "You are so strong."

Not On Vacation

Mikaela joked about the snow's similarity to the salty ocean saying,

"But salty snow is just like the ocean right?"

She reminded her fans that she wasn't on vacation even though it's off-season especially since she recently redeemed herself with a World Cup win after her devastating Olympics.

The Girl Who Failed

Mikaela listed her achievements saying the girl who failed could also fly.

"2021-22 in Numbers:5️⃣ @fisalpine World Cup Victories1️⃣4️⃣ World Cup Podiums (across four disciplines)4️⃣x Overall Champion. History Maker, Record Breaker, Resilient Champion…way to rise in the face of challenges and show the world the character of a champion, Mikaela! You certainly DID fly. 🌟."