Kaley Cuoco Gets Permanently 'Booped'

Kaley Cuoco with side parted blonde hair smiling at the camera.
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Kaley Cuoco has taken her friendship with Zosia Mamet to the next level with a matching tattoo of their own special word - "boop".

Following her Glamour cover story, where the actress expressed that she has no more desire to ever marry again, Cuoco is now making it known that her friendship with her bestie from The Flight Attendant is forever.

Scroll down to see the adorable tat and why "boop" is so significant to Kaley and Zosia!

Making It Official

Yesterday, Cuoco shared a series of photos showing her just-inked arm with Mamet, who sported a matching piece in the exact same location.

The besties posed side-by-side, with their arms crossed together, showcasing their "Boop" tattoo on their inner biceps.

"I ‘booped’ you many years ago @zosiamamet . Glad we made it official," Kaley captioned the post.

Their First 'Boop'

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Zosia shared her first meeting with Kaley. They had to do a chemistry test together and immediately felt a spark of friendship on the get-go. It was in their first meeting that Kaley playfully "booped" Zosia's nose and it has since been their special thing.

"I walked into that room, and they were like, “Feel free to play.” I was pretending to be on my phone in the audition room, and Kaley walked up and bopped me on the nose, which wasn’t in the script, and I immediately swatted her hand away like, “Don’t do that.” I always say that, in that moment, Annie and Cassie were born," she explained.

Sister Wives

Kaley has been equally expressive of her love for Zosia. A couple of months ago, the actress posted a heartfelt message for her bestie's birthday.

"I’m not sure what my life would look like over the last few months , if you weren’t around telling me to go to work, and that it’s gonna be ok… I love you forever sister wife. There is no one like you my widdle smoosh!! 🎂 🎈 💋 🎁 you will always be the Annie to my Cassie! Boop!," she captioned a photo series featuring their friendship on and off the set.

Cassie & Annie In Season 2

The adorable duo's friendship translates well on the screen and has been one of the elements that make the HBO Max series such a hit.

In the second season, Cassie will be dealing with a lot of challenges. From sobriety problems to secret spy missions, it looks like everyone's favorite flight attendant will have her hands full. Thankfully, Annie will be there to help her out!