Zendaya And Tom Holland Spotted With Dog Noon

Zendaya close up
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Bryce Cameron

Zendaya's dog Noon might be the sweetest little pup who ever lived. It's no surprise that she would want to show off her dog whenever she had the chance. With schedules as busy as hers, Zendaya still managed to find time recently to go on a Boston outing with Noon and boyfriend Tom Holland.

Even though she's in Boston for the filming of a new movie, Zenday's still making time for her beloved dog Noon. Recent photos captured her walking out and about with Noon. Tom isn't featured in this set of photos, but he was still rumored to be present for the outing.

Zendaya And Tom's Loveable Pooch

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From the moment Zendaya got Noon, it's been one cute pic of the dog after another. For the most devoted fans, Noon has his own Instagram account where frequent photos of him and Zendaya are uploaded.

Even though Zendaya has only had Noon for a short time, she seems entirely infatuated with him. She might be a busy actress that's highly in demand, but first and foremost she's the owner of this adorable puppy.

Zendaya Meets The Dog Whisperer

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One of Zendaya's biggest pet owner dreams came true in 2017 when she met "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan. Right away, she was able to get an up-close and personal look at Cesar doing what he does best.

With her dog Noon by her side, Zendaya witnessed Cesar diagnose her dog with over-excitement and give her tips and tricks on fixing the issue. Even though there was nothing overtly wrong with Noon, his overexcitement could be a turn-off to other dogs. Cesar told Zendaya, "Noon elicits the wrong response."

Hopefully, Zendaya took what Cesar said to heart and gave him the property training that he needed to thrive.

Zendaya And Tom's Harry Potter Obsession

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If getting to meet "The Dog Whisperer" himself wasn't wild enough, Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom took things to the next level. As any good dog owner would do, they uncovered which "Harry Potter" house their dog Noon belonged in.

When asked in an interview which house Noon would be sorted into, they responded with Slytherin and even compared the dog's personality to that of "Harry Potter" evil villain Voldemort himself.

Regarding his own dog, Tom believes his pup would be Ravenclaw. Zendaya didn't like the assertion that Noon was similar in personality to Voldemort, and she instead offered the idea that he was more in line with that of Professor Snape.