'This Was Never My Diet': Rebel Wilson Slams Reports On Her Weight Loss

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Bryce Cameron

Rebel Wilson is not happy with rumors being circulated about her. Not too long ago she unveiled her new physique which showcased quite the dramatic weight loss. The comedian was accused of using the Mayr Method diet to achieve such drastic results.

However, Rebel's clapping back at the rumors and shutting them down once and for all. In a recent Instagram story, she said, "This was NEVER my diet, please stop writing this stuff." It seems like Rebel is another victim of someone using her likeness to promote an unknown product or service.

Rebel's Dire Warning

Rebel wants anyone who was under the impression she used the Mayr Method diet to become informed. In her Instagram story, she wrote that she has "never endorsed any diet pills or magic weight loss pills or cryptocurrency."

Rebel's warning continued as she also issued a plea for people to report the suspicious activity. She doesn't want to be bothered by a flooded inbox from people confused about her alleged involvement. She said, "If you see stuff like this online please report it as a scam. Do not send it to me as a DM. Report it on the social media site you see it on when you see it."

Rebel's final Instagram story on the matter highlighted how fed up she is with her likeness being used like this. The comedian said, "It's really annoying when people use my image unlawfully or in misleading ways."

Rebel's Dramatic Transformation

Rebel Wilson
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All of this controversy comes after Rebel recently revealed her dramatic weight loss. The "Pitch Perfect" star lost nearly eighty pounds in an intense transformation that left her nearly unrecognizable.

In January 2020, Rebel set out on a personal health journey that saw her make lifestyle adjustments. She credits walking every day as one of the primary reasons for her drastic weight loss. It was initially believed that Rebel used the Mayr Method diet to achieve her goals, but in those recent Instagram stories, she vehemently denies those claims.

Rebel's Big Life Changes

Rebel's jaw-dropping weight loss isn't the only thing changing in her life as of late. Rebel was also recently forced to say goodbye to her Sydney home located directly on the famous harbor. Her busy schedule keeping her overseas away from Australia left her unable to use the home that she loved so dearly.

Rebel posted about the home's sale in a recent Instagram post thanking everyone who helped make the sale happen. Between the sale of her home and the dramatic weight loss, it's been quite the life-altering year for Rebel.