Paris Hilton In Swimsuit Continues 'Sliving' Lifestyle

Close up of Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton is the original IT girl of the 21st Century and she never fails to remind the girlies that she was the first to ever do it! The lifestyle influencer and socialite did a campaign for QUAY Australia eyewear infusing her signature "Sliving" into the ad in an ironic video featuring her doing the opposite of what the narrator says.

Keep reading to find out the Keys to Sliving Etiquettes.

Drive A Modest Car: *Whispers* Luxury Only

"You should only drive a modest car, nothing flashy. Park considerately and wait patiently until an attendant opens your door."

That's funny and ironic because Paris pulls in wearing a bejeweled purple jumpsuit coordinating with her pet and Lamborghini. You don't need anyone to remind you that there's nothing modest about this roll-up.

Paris poses by the pool in a green one-piece bathing suit with thigh-high nylon boots. She styled her shiny blonde hair in a high ponytail with a curly part framing her face in front. As always the socialite paired her outfit with a pair of QUAY orange sunshades.

Always Pack Light

"Always pack light. Only bring the necessities."

Although Paris says you should pack light, she unabashedly glides into the resort sitting on a mountain of baggage wheeled in by a bellboy. One of her many luggage included a specially packaged doll - Paris!

The model showed off her toned figure in a classic Barbie package photoshoot, recreating a look done severally but adding her signature to it. First, her maillot says one of her key phrases, "That's Hot," then the backdrop features multiple imprints of the word, "Sliving." Finally, the package has Paris on its branding instead of Barbie.

Check it out below

Use Your Time Wisely

"Never waste your free time, laziness is unbecoming."

Paris poses in a bejeweled multicolor one-piece bathing suit adorned with diamond jewelry pieces and a colorful silk shawl. The businesswoman comically pretends to read a book but gets bored and throws it into the pool. Instead, she continues sunbathing by the pool lounge with her Quay sunshades protecting her face from burns.

Sliving Is A Lifestyle

As part of her Sliving rules, Paris spent considerable time by the pool dressed to the nines in one-piece bathing suits and fancy shoes. She also heavily accessorized her looks with diamond jewelry pieces, proving that Sliving is a lifestyle, not just something you tap into once and dip. Paris also cheers on her friends who tap into the mantra, especially Britney Spears, who just announced her pregnancy.