Ex Gymnast Ally Raisman Reveals Pilates Help To Toughen Her Legs

Ally Raisman smiles and stares into the camera
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Ally Raisman is an ex Olympic gymnast and fitness enthusiast. Despite resigning from the sport two years ago, exercise remains a big part of her life. However, transitioning out of her professional gymnastics career required her to rediscover new ways to stay in shape.

The six-time Olympic medalist spent decades as a pro gymnast, pushing her body to its limits daily. Today, Ally admits that she has adopted a more gentle approach to maintaining her fitness and caring for her body.

Please continue reading to know how Ally now cares for and maintains her toned body.

Ally's Workout Sessions Are No Longer As Intense 

During an interview, the 29-year-old revealed that since her retirement from sports, her workout sessions are no longer as intense as they used to be. 

"And I think for so much of my gymnastics career, it was such intense workouts, and I would leave the gym feeling completely drained and exhausted. And if I didn't leave completely depleted — almost to the point where, like, my muscles were cramping up — I was so brainwashed to think that I didn't do enough. And so I've really worked on shifting that mentality," she told Yahoo Life.

She continued, "No matter what I'm doing, whether it's doing like 10 reps of something or 30 reps of something, whatever feels right for me that day is great."

Pilates Has Been Particularly Helpful 

Pilates is one workout that has proven beneficial to Ally's wellness path. As a young girl, her mom, Lynn, taught her the routine, which she later incorporated into her gymnastics training. 

"When I was training, there were certain elements of Pilates that I incorporated into my gymnastics conditioning," she told People

"In gymnastics, where everything is so precise, and you have to keep your leg straight and point your toes, you want to be really strong... I think Pilates was really good for me to make sure that my muscles could withstand if I had more of a dangerous fall," she added. 

Ally Works Out With A Trainer

Ally does not work out alone. She works with a professional trainer to hit her body goals.

On July 26, 2017, she shared a video of her working out with her trainer, Mike Boyle.

She captioned the post, "Thanks Mike Boyle for helping me stay strong and healthy. He is not only the best but he always keeps me laughing during our sessions!!! This exercise is so simple but it sure does burn! For extra burn spread your knees father [sic] apart as you squat down. @bodybyboyle #BodyByBoyle."

She Prioritises Her Mental Health 

Ally is big on mental health wellness. Hence, she has a daily habit of saying something nice to herself. On her Instagram page, she also encourages her fans to do the same to maintain total fitness.

It is never easy to maintain a fitness regimen after a successful gymnastics career, but Ally has done well to find what works best for her.