Nastia Liukin In Swimsuit Is Ready For Sunshine

Close up of Nastia Liukin
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Last week, retired Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Nastia Liukin revealed some interesting details of her life. First, she told her one million-plus Instagram followers that she was in a creative rut, then explained how she plans to overcome it, including taking a fun trip (Summer possibly) to Costa Rica.

"Daydreaming about Hawaii 🌞🌴 ready for a little sunshine and warmer weather right about now," she wrote.

In anticipation of her Island vacation, let's check out the last trip Nastia took to Hawaii showing off her gymnastic skills.

Reminiscing On Hawaii

Nastia's cover photo belongs on the pages of a fashion magazine if not cover because she checks all the high-fashion boxes. The businesswoman showed off her slender physique and endless legs in a tiger stripe brown and black high-rise one-piece swimsuit. It had a low back exposing most of her skin, although she went prepared with a giant floppy raffia hat to cover her wind-blown blonde hair.

Embracing Animal Prints

She really embraced the animal print theme with her high-rise brown leopard print one-piece flaunting her super-toned pelvis and long legs. Nastia relaxed unbothered on a white lounge seat while the ocean pooled around her legs, engulfing her entire lower limbs up to her knees. The swimsuit had a fancy gold buckle belt cinching her thin waist and adding to its beauty while the breeze blew her wet blonde hair away from her face.

Floppy Hats Are More Than Beach Essentials!

A Floppy raffia Hat
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Nastia proved that her giant floppy hat was a multipurpose staple as she used it to cover her naked body with the crashing waves in the background serving as a picturesque backdrop. The retired gymnast showed off her talents also when she hit a surprising pose arching her back and kicking one leg so high behind her head! Nastia's flawless form and defined muscles screamed one fact - She's still got it!

Mentally In Summertime Always

Many of Nastia's 5,843 posts feature a swimsuit picture of her, and the accompanying captions indicate Summer is her favorite season. She could be sitting in her office doing inventory physically, but her mind would be in a faraway vacation spot enjoying the wonders of nature and warm weather. A typical example of such a caption is the one on the post below where she wrote,

"Mentally here. physically sitting at home in the pouring rain wishing I was in Maui."