Surfer Stephanie Gilmore Is All Smiles In Bikini

Stephanie Gilmore
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Triston Brewer

The Australian athlete Stephanie Gilmore is at the top of her field and is hungry for more! She has been surfing since she was a child, and by her teens, Stephanie Gilmore was already making history as a surfer at only 17, she received a wild card placement on the 2005 Roxy Pro Gold Coast, where she captured first place and endeared herself to millions of young girls worldwide that are fans of surfing.

Stephanie Gilmore Is Grit Personified

Stephanie Gilmore holding surfboard on beach
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To date, Gilmore boasts phenomenal Women’s WSL World Tour titles – and counting! And what other indication is there that Stephanie is one of the most beloved figures in the sport? Her social media networks continue to grow, and she is currently at 687,000 followers on Instagram. More titles will definitely increase this number as more people become interested in a sport that previously only covered men's surfing. The times are a-changing, and Stephanie is one female pro surfer leading the charge!

The Glamorous Side Of Surfing

Sure, she undoubtedly has the athleticism to pull off her impressive feats, but Stephanie also lives a full life outside of surfing, and can often be seen on her social media enjoying her downtime in amazing photoshoots in some of the many swimsuits that she models for other brands. With the amount of training she does, she looks effortless and chic in great one-pieces that accentuate her toned physique. In one post, she wears a ribbed pink bikini with her surfboard as an accessory – a look that her fans were all on board for!

Serving The Vintage Vibe

With model looks and enormous athletic prowess, Stephanie is the rare combination that makes living a great life look easy. She is also known for her sense of style, and in one photo, Gilmore wears a retro, high-waisted bikini that captures her in classic black and white photography. With a surfboard on her head and gazing into the sea, Stephanie looks like she is having the time of her life, and her fans couldn’t be more thrilled for her!

Stephanie Is An Inspiration

Stephanie Gilmore
Wikimedia | Antoneanabors

Gilmore achieved another goal in 2020 by surfing for the first time in the Olympic Games, arguably one of the defining moments of her career. The opportunity made her an even bigger star in her native Australia and now more fans have gravitated toward the sport. With her career at an all-time high, Stephanie is ready to capture more amazing moments!