Elle Macpherson In Bikini Talks Self-Care

Elle Macpherson
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Ashabi Azeez

Elle Macpherson's swimwear fashion never runs out of style. Even at 58, the Australian model's swimwear style is second to no other. Macpherson has rocked some of the most trendy chic swimwear in fashion history, and here is a look at her fashion preference. 

An Igniting Appearance 

Elle Macpherson
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Known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Macpherson took over Instagram as she showed off one of her swimwear while in Miami. The post featured Macpherson wearing a bikini while enjoying the beautiful view at a beach. Macpherson shielded her face with a hat, but her stunning figure was displayed. Her 620K followers quickly reacted by clicking the like button and dropping lovely comments. One commenter acknowledged Macpherson's effortless beautify while another noted, "I agree body goals."


Trendy And Stunning 

Elle Macpherson
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Macpherson's bathing suit fashion has always been top-of-the-notch. With a body that earned her the nickname The Body, the TV personality's bathing suit fashion is on a different classic level. Macpherson has several bathing suits images on her Instagram page, including a backless long sleeve swim trunk that fans could not get over. The image featured Macpherson's back view as she strolled along the beach. Her caption revealed that she was taking a morning stroll while enjoying plenty of water with a scoop of greens. The snap attracted many compliments from fans who loved her swimwear and wanted to know how she remained fit.

Macpherson's Ageless Looks

Elle Macpherson in black cut-out dress
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It is no secret that Macpherson's elegant figure and flawless skin have stood as an inspiration to many fans who want to be fit. Even at 58, Macpherson has one of the most stunning figures amongst swimwear models. Macpherson's healthy stature and glowing skin are as igniting as in her twenties. However, this Australian model did not remain ageless by luck but by health self-care and proper body maintenance. 

Macpherson On Looking Good

Elle Macpherson in white knee-length dress
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Macpherson does not joke about her health and looks, and she follows a set of healthy routines that keeps her fit. Once during a question and answer session with Goop, the Elle Macpherson Intimates founder shared her beauty tips with fans. Asked how she stays vital and fresh, Macpherson expanded that living clean, green, and active helps the body "operate at its optimum level."

She revealed that following an alkaline diet of organic foods has greatly boosted her health. To get the Macpherson's look, one also has to eat a variety of greens as they provide different benefits. In addition to this, Macpherson revealed that drinking lots of water and adequate sleep goes a long way in maintaining body freshness.