CJ Perry Sunbathes In Bikini At Sea


C.J. Perry lounges at sea in a sexy Dior two-piece. The blonde bombshell celebrated her birthday last week and revealed some intimate details about her life in the past year, including her excitement that life is better now. Since her transfer to Wrestlemania, the former WWE Superstar has become more relaxed and happier doing what she loves in a healthy environment. She has two movies coming up alongside her buzzing new career, and she couldn't be happier.

Sunbathing At Sea

The 37-year-old athlete enjoyed a day at sea basking in the sunlight as the cool breeze grazed through her curly blonde hair. She wore a two-piece printed Logo Dior bikini flaunting her toned physique - slender arms, flat abs, toned legs, and glutes. On her yacht, C.J. lay a white blanket while the American flag behind billowed in the wind.

Leaving WWE For Wrestlemania

Although many people knew her as Lana, the 37-year-old reverted to her real name C.J. Perry during her WWE superstar era when she joined Wrestlemania. She spoke up about the brainwashing and unfavorable working conditions at WWE that made her question her talents and lose her confidence. However, this year, everything is changing for the better first with her Paramount Plus movie contracts. In each film, C.J. has two distinct roles, with one being an assassin in an action film and the other a wife in a SciFi movie.

CJ Speaks Out

CJ Perry as Lana on WWE
Wikimedia | Hopeful Duck

According to E Wrestling News, C.J. said,

"I can’t believe how far life has come in a year & how brainwashed I was from the toxic environment that I had worked in for 8 years. I allowed it to define my identity & self-worth. Change can be hard friends but let me tell you, if you keep pushing forward no matter what, if you refuse to have one human’s opinion define your destiny, if you refuse to be put in a box by a corporation or society & you keep the blinders on and walk by faith then your life will become more then your wildest dreams.

Making New Friends

Her new working environment is so much better that she creates fun content with her colleagues. She also thanked them in her lengthy message saying they helped her rebuild her confidence. C.J. especially appreciated Trinity Fatu a.k.a. The Glow, calling her one of her best friends and complimenting her skills.

"From having a match with one of my best friends & favorite dance partners @trinity_fatu at #Wrestlemania."