Lindsey Vonn Shows Toned Legs During Knee Rehab

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Lindsey Vonn, 37, busted her knee a few years ago, and she's been paying for it ever since. The pain became unbearable this year, leading her to take a break from posting workout content to undergo minor knee surgery. The surgeon removed scar tissues and other bone spurs to control the pain before the Olympic Gold-medalist gets a knee replacement in a year or two.

Making Progress

Lindsey Vonn flaunts legs at movie premiere
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Lindsey painfully does half squats as she shows her followers the progress of her knee surgery. The multi-medalist asked that they ignore her "poor little muscles" even though it's hard. Another hard-to-ignore fact is the grimace on her face as she does her squats making us wonder if it's safe that she went zip-lining only a few days prior/after (we can't tell since we weren't there.)

Social media only tells half of the story, and with Khloe Kardashian's recent revelation that she doesn't post in real-time, one can't ever tell unless there's a timestamp when a picture was taken.

Before the surgery, Lindsey did squats with resistance bands and snatched weights to work her leg and thigh muscles.


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Healing Nicely

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Lindsey updated her fans with the development of her post-knee surgery scar. So far, the spot is healing up nicely, and it's almost invisible. Her wound care physicians in the background also commented positively, saying, "I'm seeing what I needed to see." We can't ignore the gold pieces of jewelry adorning her slender fingers as she gently takes off her plasters.

Surgery Update

"Surgery yesterday went well…. Been having a hard time with the pain in my knee. You may have noticed I haven’t been posting many workout videos lately… that’s why."

Lindsey shared an emotional message with her followers, explaining why she stopped posting workout content since it interested many of them. The ex-Olympian dealt with a bad knee for years after retiring from professional skiing, and she has had minor surgeries to fix the injury. Unfortunately, she learned that they weren't enough this year. So she has to undergo a significant Knee Replacement surgery to correct it finally.

Daring Adventurer

Anyone who follows Lindsey on social media knows she's adventurous! No matter the challenges and obstacles she faces in life, the 37-year-old tackles them head-on and never lets anything hamper her fun. A few weeks after her knee surgery, she went ziplining at a resort with the leg brace. Leave it to Lindsey to take on such a daunting and dangerous adventure with a bad knee. The good news, however, is that nothing went wrong.