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Halle Berry Displays Arm Strength In Crow Pose

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Mar. 29 2022, Published 11:14 a.m. ET

Halle Berry has topped the list of fit celebrities for many years. This movie star's physique is nothing but perfect with tout arms, firm thighs, and compact abs. Berry is as swift and fierce in the gym as she was when taking down an enemy in Die Another Day. Here is a look at the result of her gym classes.

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A Perfect Body

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Berry is not only concerned about looking good, but she also focuses on sharing the secret of looking fit with fans. In a picture she uploaded on her Instagram account on February 25, the Catwoman star looked breathtaking as she showed fans one of her yoga poses. The image shared featured Berry standing with her toned arms as both legs were raised, and she revealed in her caption that a change in perspective sometimes determines fitness success.

Agility At Its Best

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Berry's perfect is pretty famous for her sculpted abs that have helped her star in movies such as Bruised and Kidnap. The Hollywood star also constantly shows off her flawless physique on social media.

On February 18, Berry took to Instagram to post a photo where she showed off her agility and kept her tout body on full display. The image shared featured Berry at a beach, and she jumped relatively high. She rocked a cutout bathing suit, and fans could not get over the snap. The update has since received 148,057 likes and 1,485 lovely comments.

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Berry's Fitness Plan

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Berry says there are five effective exercise routines for toned arms and fit abs. The actress once shared her fitness plan on social media, and she also confirmed that her exercise plan would help get rid of the little extra skin in the arms and other body parts. The social media update showed different workout plans, including the cut and press, Dumbbell static hold and curl, Eccentric Close Grip, Elevated Box Push-Up, as well as the Double Dumbbell Static Hold.

How To Get The Berry's Look

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Berry's upper-body exercises are excellent for sculpting the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. The dumbbell static hold and curl she showed on social media involved curling one dumbbell and holding it at the top position while performing regular curls on the other arm. The dumbbell should be near the shoulder. For the Double Dumbbell Static Hold, the elbows should be close to the ribs while holding a dumbbell with two hands before rotating both weights.

Berry also demonstrated push-ups with the eccentric tight grip elevated box push-up, which can also be done on a bench. However, while Berry confirmed that her exercises would kick-start muscle growth, consistency will undoubtedly yield a faster result.


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