Alexa Bliss In Spandex Shorts Does Backflip

Close up of Alexa Bliss
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30-year-old WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss has been thrilling her five million-plus Instagram followers with throwbacks of her WWE Raw moments. The frequency of the posts leads fans to speculate that she's making a return soon, and we can't wait if it means seeing more Alexa in spandex shorts. Considering she debuted a new look when she returned last year, there's a slim chance the athlete would wrestle in spandex shorts this time around, but it doesn't hurt to wish.

New Look, Who This?

Alexa showed off her tight abs in a back and silver wrestling gear that hugged her skin tight. Her recent signature pink highlight is noticeably missing as her blonde hair flips with her body amid her backflip smackdown.

Her recent look, which channels a gothic schoolgirl, is a big hit with young wrestling fans who recreated the style for Halloween last year. The colored-print black dungaree with knee-high striped socks and sneakers is a far cry from the goddess in sexy spanks. She tops her new look with pigtails and dark lipstick.

Alexa Pre-WWE

Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss
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Alexa and her fight partner Nikki Cross did their thing during the pandemic despite the lack of a crowd to cheer them on during the fight. Alexa reminded her fans of one of the SmackDown moments, rocking her signature ombre blonde and pink hair with a girly pink, blue, and black two-piece wrestling gear. The 30-year-old sexily sauntered across the ring, flaunting her tights with her bum hanging out.

Alexa Takes A Tumble

Before her return to WWE, Alexa indulged in some girly time - playing dress-up and doing photoshoots. On one occasion, the athlete took a tumble (or not) down the stairs in her sexy mix and matched two-piece set. She flaunted her toned legs in glittery pink sandals and ditched the pink hair highlight. The pink comes on in the ring. 

Only Focus Is Her Bridal Party

Alexa Bliss at the WWE Summer Slam
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Last week, the wrestling community was abuzz with a new rumor when word spread that Alexa and Ronda Rousey had beef. The 30-year-old supposedly had an issue with the champion's fighting tactics, but she shut that down from the jump. Alexa dismissed the claims saying she was only active on one group chat that didn't involve Rousey or criticizing her. Alexa's current focus is on making her wedding the best day of her life.

"This is quite comical & not true. I’m only in one group chat & it’s with my bridal party … #keeptryingtrolls."