Nastia Liukin Struggles Doing Handstand In Bikini

Nastia Liukin with brown hair smiling and looking at the camera.
Getty | Paul Archuleta

Cha Miñoza

Nastin Liukin has shockingly been captured struggling to do a simple handstand!

The legendary gymnast, who once made history by nabbing a total of 5 medals in the 2008 Olympic Games, fell short of her own expectations when she couldn't perform a handstand as flawlessly anymore.

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Piece Of Cake

Doing a handstand is a piece of cake for this athlete, who started training in gymnastics when she was only three years old.

While her professional career ended in 2012, Liukin still visits the gym regularly to practice her routines. She also makes sure to share her jaw-dropping poses - from upside-down splits to aerial tricks - to her Instagram followers.

Handstand Challenge

Shawn Johnson posing with Nastia Liukin.
Getty | Nicholas Hunt

Back in 2020, Liukin enlisted her best friend Shawn Johnson to do a handstand challenge - one that requires them to take off their pants while inverted.

Nastia shared a clip of the challenge, which she won so effortlessly. But, she did have a little advantage over Johnson, who had just given birth to her first child at the time.

Liukin's handstand was clearly more solid and balancing upside-down was no problem at all! The gymnast shared the video on her Insta and fans flocked to the comment section to praise the Olympic icons.

"The content we all need," one person wrote.

"You girls still GOT IT!!!" another one said.

Handstand On A SUP

While Nastia has proven time and time again that she still got it, there's one place her strength dwindles - on the water. That's exactly what happened when she tried doing a handstand on a SUP, or a stand-up paddleboard.

"this was a lot harder than it looks... or maybe I actually did make it look hard by the amount of failed attempts it took me to hold it once for a millisecond 🙈," she captioned her post.

The photos show that the Olympic champ actually struggled to do a handstand! Followers were both surprised and amazed at her post.

"even nastia liukin struggles with SUP handstands," someone said in the comments.

"If it's hard for you, I think it's a pipe dream for everyone else," another follower pointed out.

Maldives View

The photos were taken during Nastia's trip to Maldives in 2019. Following her SUP handstand post, she also shared a pic of the unspoiled shoreline at the Four Seasons Resort.

Wearing an animal print bikini and a sunhat, the gymnast showed off her figure, flaunting her long legs. Her SUP handstand may not have been perfect but her beach body sure is flawless!