Alessandra Ambrosio Impresses In Bikini Handstand

Alessandra Ambrosio close up
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Alessandra Ambrosio is never far from the beach due to her jet-set lifestyle. Her love for bikinis led her into owning her swimsuit brand. In 2018, she launched GAL Floripa, a swimwear line. The beach babe revealed that she founded the company with her sister Aline and best friend Gisele because she believes in female bonding. The name GAL Floripa was chosen to represent the synergy between Gisele, Alessandra, and Aline and the Floripa location where it was founded.

On her website, Alessandra referred to the brand as one with the purpose of inspiring women to embrace their feminist years with a holistic approach. 

Knowing that the stunning model owns a swimsuit line, one can bet that she never runs out of beautiful bikini pieces. She constantly updates her fans with jaw-dropping bikini photos.

Continue reading to behold Alessandra in different bikini designs.

Celebrating Women

Alessandra Ambrosio and Heidi Klum
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On International Women's Day, Alessandra took to her Instagram page to upload several photos of her and her friend in bikinis. She used the hashtag #internationalwomen'sday for each upload. The different captions used for each of the uploads were inspiring. They aimed at encouraging women to keep supporting one another.

The Bikini Photos 

The bikini photos posted on the same day, March 8, had the supermodel and her friend in two-piece bikinis.

In the first upload, Alessandra was clad in a peach string bikini while her friend was clad in the same bikini design but in black.

The pair sat on the beach sand while they leaned on each other's back, flaunting their toned bodies.

In the second upload, the pair flaunted their toned legs and sculpted abs while doing a handstand.

Finally, the last photo showed Alessandra being carried on her friend's back. All the images depicted women supporting one another.

Alessandra's Fans Were Inspired 

Alessandra Ambrosio in black dress
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Tons of fans' comments trailed each of Alessandra's uploads. The fans were inspired by her caption and wished the 40-year-old and her friend a Happy International Women's Day. 

While some fans were inspired, others gushed over the ladies' beauty and stunning bodies. 

"Happy International Women's Day! I hope wish you could read this so I can thank you for being such a great inspiration and motivation❤️❤️," commented an inspired fan.

"Two goddesses! Happy women's day ladies! Today and every day😘," gushed another fan. 

"You're in great shape, gorgeous beauties!" another fan commented. 

Alessandra Is A Bikini Goddess 

Alessandra always makes a statement whenever she steps out in bikinis. On February 22, the stunning actress donned an unusual bikini piece that showcased her toned abs and cleavages.

She wore a brown one-piece bikini that revealed her waistline. Alessandra accessorized her look with her long brown hair, two gold necklaces, and three bracelets. She looked sizzling as the sun shone on her glowy skin.

The photo attracted several lovely comments. Alessandra's fans can't get enough of her and can't wait to see more beautiful bikini pictures. Surely, she will not disappoint them.