Jermichael Finley In ICU After Neck Injury

Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers is currently in the Intensive Care Unit after suffering a serious injury during Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

Jermichael was carted off the field with 10 minutes left in the game last night and many people feared that the tight end would end up paralyzed. ESPN reports that initial tests have come back negative and that the Packers TE has regained almost all movement.

NFL reporter Ian Rapoport had more good news saying that the overnight stay was "precautionary" and that Jermichael is expected to be fine.

Still, Finley isn't out of the woods just yet. The tight end will undergo a few more tests before he is released from the hospital, hopefully, under his own power. The Green Bay Packers are expected to release an injury report by Tuesday.

Jermichael Finley is an important player on the Green Bay Packers both on the field and in the locker room. Andrew Quarless said that it was very emotional to see his friend on teammate lying motionless on the field.

Quarless said: "That look he had in his eyes, that was something that stuck with me... It really hurt me just to see him like that. My brother was out there on the ground."

SB Nation reports that Browns safety Tashaun Gipson was penalized for Unnecessary Roughness after the play. Referee Jeff Triplette said that Gipson led with his helmet but the Browns safety disagreed.

Gipson said: [It was] all shoulder... The crown of my head did not go down whatsoever. It was a shoulder hit. I don't know the place where it hit him exactly. I just know I saw him break out of the middle. He was running a slant. I'm driving on the ball. There's a collision, and he's down. I really haven't watched the play, so I can't really tell you what happened. I was just going out there playing physical."

Finley's agent Blake Baratz has been keeping fans up to date on Twitter. Baratz said that he isn't worried about Finley's playing status at the moment he's just praying that the Packers tight end can walk out of the hospital on his own.