Doja Cat Arches Back In Unbuttoned Jeans

Doja Cat close up
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Doja Cat is having a hell of a week after Paraguayan fans turned against her for ignoring them in the storm. She got in a back and forth with several fans explaining why she couldn't meet them in the storm then declaring she quit music entirely. The rapper, however, recovered from the rut when she delivered a stellar well-received performance in Brazil.

Failed Concert

Close up of Doja Cat Performing
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On Friday, March 23, Doja Cat was supposed to headline a festival in Paraguay as part of her South America festival tour. Unfortunately, an inevitable storm derailed her plans and prevented the show from continuing meaning the Grammy-nominated artist couldn't perform even though she prepared and anticipated doing so.

Matters escalated when some overzealous fans claimed they waited for her at her hotel door despite the stormy weather. Doja Cat didn't indulge those fans, although she explained later that they'd dispersed when she eventually came down to address the crowd.

From Apologies To Quitting

She tweeted and deleted a series of apologies and annoyed rants saying,

"I wish I could've stayed and performed for all my fans in Paraguay. Please Stay safe. I love you."

"I don't think I gave Brazil a good enough show tonight at all and I'm sorry for that but thank you guys for coming out. I f*cking love you and thank God we got another show tomorrow. I promise I'll do better."

When it seemed the fans weren't letting it go, and they turned violent with their words, throwing racial slurs at the rapper, she switched gears.

"This sh*t ain't for me so I'm out. Y'all take care."

Y2K Fashion

Doja shared her Y2K style (which she'd been exploring a lot this era) shortly after the incident with a lengthy caption apologizing for the poor show in Brazil and promising an improved second show. She wore a pink cropped top over denim loose-fitting pants and strappy D&G heeled sandals. You trust Doja to go full out with a theme when she chooses one because she pulled out all the stops.

The Planet Her rapper styled her hair with multicolored ribbons and baby hairs. She did her makeup exactly like the early 2000s - thin brows, shimmery eyeshadow, and lined lips. She also added beaded necklaces and a single-strand waist bead to complete her aesthetic. Model Emily Ratajkowski who loves the street fashion Y2K aesthetic, liked the picture.

No More Quitting (Please)

Doja Cat Performs in Brazil
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Although the original photo caption was a lengthy note from Doja Cat to the Kittens, she changed it to a simple Alright saying she had nothing to apologize for anymore and she was okay if disloyal fans unfollowed her. Luckily, she delivered on her promise to perform better in Brazil and she had the crowd jumping in excitement. Hopefully, that's the end of any talks on quitting.