Dua Lipa Enjoys A 'Truly' Nourishing Refreshment In Bikini

Close up of Dua Lipa on Tour
Getty | Scott Dudelson


Dua Lipa is the moment! The pop star is finally reaping the fruits of her labor of love during the pandemic, as she carts home much-coveted awards at major shows. At the peak of the COvid-19 outbreak, the Albanian-British singer's dance-pop album Future Nostalgia comforted most people, and her single Levitating topped Billboard's Year-End chart for 2021.

The Grammy award-winning artist tours the USA this year, bringing fans the disco experience at her Future Nostalgia tour. While she entertained fans in Los Angeles, Dua won two iHeart Radio awards for Dance Album Of The Year (Future Nostalgia) and Song Of The Year (Levitating).

Truly Refreshing

Still, the artist took time off the tour for a refreshing soda drink in her celebratory mode. She lounged in a bejeweled black bikini featuring a triangle top and low waist bottoms. After all, it's Spring Break, so it's only right she enjoys the season appropriately, showing off her bellyring and washboard abs.

She blows her 81 million-plus fans a kiss while protecting her eyes with a pair of blue sunglasses. Dua nurses her can of lime-flavored Truly Margarita in her well-manicured hands painted a chromatic shade.

Pool Breaks Are The Best

Dua Lipa performs on tour
Getty | Scott Dudelson

Pool breaks are Dua's new favorite thing to do in between tours because it helps her reset. The singer-songwriter lounged in a wide floaty wearing a high-rise cutout monokini in a matching shade with the sky. Instead of a sunglass, this time, she protects her face with a pink face cap complimenting her pink and purple print jacket. The monokini looks very familiar like it's from Inamorata Woman's holiday line, and upon further investigation, we confirmed our suspicion.

Spring break Season

As Dua continues enjoying her Spring Break, she shares more pictures and videos with her fans showing off her toned, slender physique and pert backside. She enjoys the serenity of the lake between the rocky mountains as she prepares to continue her tour around the USA. She also finally addressed the copyright lawsuits surrounding her highest-charting single, Levitating.

A Possible End To The legal Woes

Dua's management released videos showing the artist's creative process during the making of Levitating. In the video, the star improvises her lines instead of stealing the song from Artikal Sound System or the duo Russel Brown and Sandy Linzer. There's no direct confrontation from the pop star, but her actions speak louder than words, and if there are any court proceedings, we're sure she has people handling that on her behalf.