Surfer Malia Manuel Mesmerizes In Swimsuit

Malia Manuel close up smiling
Getty | Jonathan Leibson

Triston Brewer

Those that follow surfing have known her name for over a decade, and Malia Manuel has been steadily building on that promise since becoming a known surfer as a 14-year-old prodigy back in 2008.

Malia Manuel Is An Elite Surfer And All-Around Badass!

This was the year that the world began to know Malia Manuel's name after she won the US Open of Surfing and forced the best in the sport to acknowledge her prowess. Born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii, Malia has now been ranked in the top 10 for women surfers in the world for the last ten years.

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Surfing Is In Malia’s Genes

It is no coincidence that Malia is a star surfer considering her lineage – both of her parents have a love for surfing, and in fact, this is where the two of them met. Even today, the family enjoys surfing together and it is a bond that they believe will always be shared between them.

Once Malia was born, the two continued to surf regularly and Malia soon took to it as well.

If Malia looks at home in a swimsuit, it’s because she is used to wearing them and her fans love that she maintains a natural, toned physique that serves some serious star power to her Instagram followers. Here, she turns heads in a gorgeous photo from her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated.

Malis Is A Born Champion

Malia paid her dues surfing all over the Hawaiian Islands, and after making some noise in several competitions, she earned sponsorships and photoshoot opportunities while still a teenager. Today, she is arguably more famous for her bikini modeling as she is for surfing, and between the two, she has still managed to continue winning.

Currently, she is still the youngest champion ever at the US Open of Surfing and despite her beauty and engaging personality out of the water, Malia has her eyes on the path to surfing dominance in the coming years.

Malia Balances Mind And Body Towards Peak Performance

As an admitted supporter of wellness, Malia recently earned her holistic nutrition consulting degree and also finished her yoga teacher training. Between both of these, she believes that she can empower not only herself but those in her community too. As an inspiration to women that are fans of surfing, Malia is on a journey that continues to evolve and her fans are happy to follow her wherever it may lead!