CJ Perry In Bikini Celebrates Birthday

C Perry close up
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37-year-old WWE Superstar Lana, a.k.a. CJ Perry, celebrates her birthday on the set of her upcoming movie Wife Like, but that doesn't hinder her gratitude. The athlete said she spent the day so far "rolling in the snow, drinking, kissing Miro, and hanging out with incredibly talented & awesome people." She thanked the production company Paramount Plus for the opportunity to show her skills on the big screen once again and said it's a lifetime opportunity. Lana snuck in a bikini picture while she showed off her fun-filled day because "why not?"

Badass Or Sweet?

C.J might have another film on the way that she's not ready to reveal because of her outfit in her birthday tribute post. She looks badass, and there's a possibility that we got the idea of Wife Like wrong because of the bikini posts C.J. made in her film announcement. So, instead of sexy mama, we just might get a tough cookie! Whichever it is, we're excited to see what the actress would bring to the table.

She showed off her toned abs and curvy hips in a mirror selfie, wearing a black sports bra and thin strap bikini bottom. Instead of her blonde hair, the pro wrestler switched her look to a black shade.

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Lana Shares Her All-Time Favorite

Lana wears an orange dress in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Lana shares her all-time favorite orange dress and bikini with her almost four million Instagram followers, and we can see why those are her top picks. Orange suits her skin because of its contrast to the fair tone. The dress shows off her toned abs, arms, and legs through its knotted crop top and low-waist diagonal cut skirt.

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Lana's body is the center of attention in the bikini picture since she covered her face with her blonde hair. The high-rise bikini bottom and half-cup knot bra flaunt her curves and cleavage while highlighting her taut abs.

C.J. In Bikini

"C.J. Perry in swimsuit" should be a category on its own because the actress sizzles in every form of it that exists. Lana always slays from high-rise monokinis to bikinis, one-pieces, and full bodysuits. She also enjoys spending time on the beach with her family (especially Miro) and friends.

Lana And Miro

C.J's relationship with her husband is balanced because they play a lot but know when to get into the serious mood for work. She also told her followers she loves fighting him on set and promises fans an action-packed movie coming soon.