Penelope Cruz Is Sensational In Chanel Bikini

Penelope Cruz
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Triston Brewer

The Academy Award winner has been a household name for more than 20 years and is known for her glamorous turns on red carpets internationally. As a noted actress and producer, Penelope Cruz has made an impact both in her native Spain and as well in Hollywood, where she has worked with some of the most respected people in the industry.

Penelope Cruz Is Synonymous With Glamour

Penelope Cruz smiling
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Cruz's hardcore fans know her humble beginnings and how she began her career modeling in music videos and on television before transitioning into Spanish movies and then on to English-language productions. She paid her dues and now, Cruz is notable for her star-making turns in big-budget movies, as well as her campaigns with luxury brands that have used her gorgeous looks to market their latest collections. Penelope Cruz is glamour, and glamour is Penelope Cruz!

Penelope And Chanel Make For A Winning Combination!

One fashion house that Penelope is closely associated with is Chanel, which has been working with her for several years. Earlier this year, she was featured in a photoshoot that featured clothing and jewelry from the company, and since she is a brand ambassador for the brand, she can always be seen wearing some of their latest apparel. It’s a match made in sartorial heaven, and her 5.9 Instagram followers are always enchanted by her red carpet photos.

Penelope Is An Unofficial Muse For A Luxury Brand

Not only is she an ambassador for Chanel, but Penelope is regarded as an unofficial muse of the company, and it is no secret that she has worked with them for so many years because of the close contact she has with their staff. Her smoldering swimsuit looks in their ad campaigns are always a hit, and Chanel knows exactly what looks best on Penelope to accentuate her toned arms and impossibly long legs.

On her Instagram feed, it may seem as if Cruz never has the time to stop and enjoy her success at the top of her industry, but every now and then, she drops a photo of herself in exquisite swimsuits and she reminds her fans that even as a mother of two, she has found the right balance between work and family, an admirable quality that her fans admire her all the more for.

Penelope May Win Oscar #2 This Year

Penelope Cruz
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As the star of Parallel Mothers, her latest collaboration with heavyweight director and producer Pedro Almodovar, many are claiming that Penelope Cruz may have the inside track on a tight race this year and the news has made Spain glow with pride. Also, her husband Javier Bardem is also nominated, and this is a special year for the duo, and also cements Cruz’s stature as a formidable leading lady in Hollywood.