Miley Cyrus Flaunts Cleavage In Jumpsuit

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Pop/Rock star Miley Cyrus wowed fans with her electric performances in South America this week after ditching her bodyguards to mingle with them on the streets of Argentina before the Lollapalooza Festival. The 29-year-old flaunted her toned physique in body-hugging catsuits and jumpsuits on stage, immersing concert-goers with that 100% Miley Experience. The black jumpsuit she wore for the festival in Bogota, Colombia, was her most risky yet this week.

Miley Flaunts Her Toned Body

Miley Cyrus performs in Bogota, Colombia
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Miley's black jumpsuit had cut out holes and criss-cross fishnets carefully designed into it at strategic angles. The front of her toned long-legs had circular, linear cut-out circles leading up to the outline of her ribcage, outer breast lines, and down her back. The criss-cross nets, on the other hand, extended from her shoulders down her long-sleeves to her wrist and on front of her chest from her neck to her mid-riff.

The singer wore black thigh-high boots, her signature blonde mullet with black highlights in the back, and finished her look with a dash of shiny silver eyeshadow.

Tish Is A Proud Mother

Miley and Trish Cyrus in October, 2021
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Miley's Ganni leather boots made her performances easy and seamless as she jumped from one end of the stage to another, establishing her presence. Perhaps for any other person, it might've been a feat to move around so adeptly with those chunky platforms, but Miley handled it like a pro. She wrote that her mother, Tish Cyrus, always told her she'd be famous, and Tish left "fire emojis" in her comment section to support the statement.

A Miley Live Experience

Miley did a sexy turn and drop showing fans her well-rounded bottom in a black thong visible through her sheer Sinead Gorey jumpsuit as she belted out her song See You Again. The fans in the crowd went wild with excitement once she moved, and their enthusiasm wasn't lost on the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter.

She left a grateful note on her Instagram post saying,


Emergency Landing

Unfortunately, fans in Paraguay couldn't enjoy the Miley Live experience at their Asuncion festival due to an unfortunate weather accident that grounded the singer's flight after an emergency landing. She penned an explanatory/apology note on her social media post, assuring worried fans of her safety and declaring her love for them.

"To my fans and everyone worried after hearing about my flight to Asunción. Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lighting. My crew, band, friends and family who were all traveling with me are safe after an emergency landing. We were unfortunately unable to fly into Paraguay. 💔 I LOVE YOU."