Las Vegas Nightclub Shooting: 1 Dead, 2 Injured At Drai's

A Las Vegas nightclub shooting has left one person dead and two others injured. The shooting occurred at celebrity hotspot Drai's nightclub. The club is located inside Bally's casino and caters to the after-hours crowd.

According to witnesses a white male was hanging around the cashier area of the after-hours club at approximately 5:45 AM. The man was approached by a club employee who asked him to move. At that time the suspect pulled out a gun and started yelling at staff members.

One witness says a staff member attempted to apprehend the suspect which led to several shots ringing out through the club.

The alleged shooter was arrested a short time after the shooting occurred.

Drai's nightclub is a popular Las Vegas hotspot that is regularly visited by the likes of Nick Cannon and Paris Hilton.

Police have not revealed any more details at this time. Based on the man's choice of loitering area it appears as though he was preparing to rob the establishment.

Gambling continued inside the casino, although several rows of slot machines were blocked off by yellow police tape.

The Las Vegas strip is no stranger to acts of deadly violence. In February a verbal fight turned into a shooting, police chase, and crash. Three people died as a result of that incident. In that case a death penality trial is set for December 2 against a man who bragged about being a pimp.

Victims of the Drai's Las Vegas nightclub shooting were rushed to University Medical Center. The medical condition of the victims have not been revealed at this time.

Further information from the Las Vegas Nightclub shooting will follow when investigators release more findings from their current investigation.