Mickie James In Swimsuit Works The Pole

Mickie James close up
Getty | Amy Sussman

Triston Brewer

The wrestling queen knows how to deliver for her die-hard fans!

Mickie Has The Moves And The Goods!

Proving that women over 40 can still pack an explosive punch inside and outside of the ring, Mickie James is truly an inspiration in the wrestling field, and as a premier athlete for years, she has electrified crowds worldwide with her singular persona, stylish looks, and ability to come out a winner even when it looks as if the chips are down.

Never one to play shy, Mickie has endeared herself to her fans with her charisma and her fashionable social media posts, where she is famous for captioning herself in sultry poses, bold swimsuits, and inspiring quotes.

Mickie Has Pole Position

With her amazing moves inside the ring, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Mickie can hold her own with a stripper pole as well. In addition to her pole skills, Mickie also uses her platform in a number of ways, including reminding her fans about the importance of staying active with their local government and politics. While doing so, she stuns in a dark one-piece bathing suit as she plays up to the camera in a series of photos. If anyone can get people to the polls, it’s Mickie!

Mickie, Ready To Rumble

Her fans were excited to see Mickie show up at the most recent Royal Rumble and even though she did not win the overall event, she did manage to stick around for ten minutes before being eliminated by fellow wrestler Lita. Before leaving the ring, however, Mickie lit the crowd up with her ‘Hardcore Country’ anthem when she made her way ringside, reminding them all that she is a country girl true and true and will never forget her roots. Afterward, she thanked the crowd as well as Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, calling her one of the best wrestlers ever. Mickie is truly a class act!

What Will The Future Hold For Mickie?

With her future in wrestling being asked one of the top questions from her fans, many are wondering how long Mickie will stay active in such a high-impact sport. Although she admits it is a struggle and great responsibility comes with being a champion, she intends to enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. This is exciting news to hear and her fans are more than happy to have Mickie around for as long as she wants!