Olympian Lindsey Vonn Displays Leg Power Before Surgery

Lindsey Vonn with straight hair and smokey eye makeup.
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Lindsey Vonn is gearing up to go back to skiing after another knee surgery.

Still in recovery, the 37-year-old Olympian recently posted a ski video featuring her leg power before she went under the knife. The athlete had been dealing with knee pain after years of injuries but promises fans that she is going back to where she belongs soon.

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Leg Power

In the short clip, the Alpine skier showed off her amazing leg power, cultivated from decades of training. All geared up in her stylish set of ski clothes, Vonn can be seen racing downhill incredibly fast, carving the snow in perfect form.

"Getting back to where I belong ⛷… hoping this surgery will let me ski with less pain 🤞🏻💪🏻," Vonn captioned her video posted just a couple of days ago. Fans rushed to the comments to wish her well.

"Heal up champ 🏆," someone commented.

"It never ceases to amaze me how many times you came back from what I thought were career ending injuries.... And went on to win it all.... You're a 🦄," another one wrote.

Knee Pain

Lindsey Vonn skiing downhill.
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Over the years, Vonn has suffered from multiple injuries and had to undergo several surgeries to fix her knee pain, eventually leading to her retirement in 2019.

Lindsey admitted that she may have pushed her body too far, which caused her a lot of problems.

"I think a lot of times in my career, I didn't realize I had pushed myself too far until I was already too late. Since my first major surgery in 2013, I didn't have a 12-month period where I didn’t have surgery or a major injury until I retired. By the end, I was like, OK, it's time to say enough is enough," she said in an interview.

Intense Workout Sessions

Vonn has been known to do beast workouts, often partnering with pal Dwayne Johnson, who is just as devoted to fitness as she is.

She also works with celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson several times a week, focusing on strength training. Some of her go-to exercises include weighted squats, standing leg press, and dumbbell stepping lunges - all targeted to build core and leg strength.

In one of her workout sessions, things got too intense that she actually puked but still kept going, per Lindsey's caption.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Lindsey Vonn holding a crutch while taking a mirror selfie.
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Vonn's intensive workouts are currently on a halt, as she is still in recovery from her latest knee surgery, which she hopes to be the last step before getting a knee replacement.

Lindsey updated fans with a post-surgery photo on her Instagram Stories, where she is holding a crutch but looking fabulous and in high spirits while dressed in a stylish ensemble.