Demi Rose In Bikini Offers 'A View'

Demi Rose close up
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Geri Green

Demi Rose has been hanging out topless in only tiny bikini bottoms while offering a "view" - specifically, a "room with a view." The model, 26, thrilled her 19.1 million Instagram followers this weekend, sharing another jaw-dropping shot as she enjoys her Caribbean vacation, with this one seeing her by an infinity pool and amid a setting sun.

Angling her famous backside to the camera as she also flaunted her 24-inch waist, Demi clocked over 600,000 likes in just 22 hours for her share. See why below.

'Room With A View'

Demi Rose walking in a dress
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Scroll for the photo, one seeing the Pretty Little Thing ambassador in her element as she rested her very famous backside on a marbled pool edge. Demi gazed behind her a little, drawing the eye to her curvy figure as she wore a thong and patterned pair of swim bottoms - and nothing else, aside from a green visor.

The ex to rapper Tyga was calf-deep in still waters, offering the caption-mentioned "view" via the obvious, but the craggy horizon rocks, fluffy clouds, and scenic foliage likely also got noticed by fans. A swipe right offered the same view in video mode.

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Demi's St.Lucia break has been making headlines as the star continues her swimwear-clad updates from the tropical island. "The art of seduction" was the caption under a week ago as Demi arched back against ocean rocks and modeled the tiniest of orange bikini tops.

Reveals The Diet Behind Her Figure

Demi is an eating disorder survivor, having weighed as little as 80 pounds at her sickest. Now fully recovered, Rose enjoys a largely-vegan diet that's packed with healthy and nutritious foods, and she's opened up on it all.

"Everyone says I'm the healthiest person I know," she told The Daily Mail. "The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter. Any bad thing I eat my body isn't used to it and just puts on the weight." Rose added that this means "no birthday cake!"

Says Confidence Is 'Key'

Demi Rose walking in a dress
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Demi joined MySpace to escape school bullies, but she's having the last laugh now. The Instagram star has separately commented on the power of confidence, saying: "I'd say confidence is key, be yourself and be the best version of you that you can be."

Demi has also opened up on body-shaming and embracing her curves, this amid her eating disorder recovery. For more, give Demi's Instagram a follow.