Jennie Garth Calls Post-Divorce Dating Fun Torture

Jennie Garth and ex-husband Peter Facinelli divorced in March 2012 and she has dated around Hollywood since that time. However, Garth calls post-divorce dating "torture."

The 41-year-old mother of three sat down with Bethenny for the magazines October 21 issue to talk about single parenting and dating after a split.

Before chatting about her dating life, Garth calls being a single mother "super challenging," while adding, "I've had to go through a lot. You have to find your way and stumble and make mistakes. I think that's the only way you learn how to do it is by making mistakes, unfortunately. I expected to come out of it and just be great at it."

Garth concludes: "I'm smart and I thought I could do it... How hard could it be? I've realized I have to fumble my way and create the space to really be open to learning because I don't know how to do it."

Jennie Garth recently began dating Michael Shimbo, CEO of the San Francisco-based company Trains, Planes and Automobiles. She says of her post-divorce dating, "It's fun and it's awful all at the same time... It's like a weird type of torture, but it can be fun."

Despite the "torture" of post-divorce dating, Garth remains optimistic that she will one day find her prince charming. She reveals to the publication, "I look for somebody that shares an energy. It doesn't matter what the person looks like or what they really do. There has to be that first and foremost, that zing. That thing."

In the meantime, Jennie Garth is staying busy thanks to her former Beverly Hills 90210 costar Tori Spelling. The two women are producing a pilot called Mystery Girls for ABC Family. The pilot begins filming in November 2013.

Would you like to see a Jennie Garth resurgence on the small screen?