Olivia Culpo Bends Backwards In Bikini

Olivia Culpo close up
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Geri Green

Olivia Culpo has been leaning backward while in a tiny bikini and gaining over 200,000 likes for her photos. The 29-year-old model and former Miss Universe remains a solid favorite with her Instagram updates - October 2021 marked the star shouting out Revolve clothing while on a glamorous-looking vacation, and her snaps came right from the ocean.

Posing amid a blissful and burning orange sunset, Olivia stunned her fans while in her underboob-flaunting swimwear, also showing off her toned legs and rock-hard abs. Check it out below.

Stuns In Ocean Bikini Snaps

Olivia Culpo in the street
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Scroll for the photos. They showed the Rhode Island native smiling and solo while calf-deep in waters, also seeming to have the place to herself. Culpo went high-waisted as she highlighted her killer hips, also reminding fans that her golden tan is a year-round deal. Her strappy swimsuit came cut-out under the bust, also boasting an extra panel just below it.

In a swipe right, Olivia bent her back while peacefully closing her eyes and placing both hands to a head thrown back. "@revolve @lovewave," she wrote. Swipe for both pics, scroll for more.

See More Photos Below

Olivia was quick to then update from the U.S., although right now, she's in Europe as Paris Fashion Week kicks off. The Fendi #Peekaboo influencer has already shouted out a luxury brand on IG amid the annual event - this time, high-end designer Valentino, currently fronted by actress Zendaya.

Speaking Of Celebrities...

Olivia Culpo in white outfit
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Culpo, who is dating NFL player Christian McCaffrey, has opened up on her style, more specifically on the female celebrities she looks up to on the fashion front. Speaking to Glamour, she revealed:

"I take inspiration from everybody from celebrities to bloggers to media outlets. I love to look at what JLo is wearing because I think she always feels so glamorous and unashamedly over the top. I also love Blake Lively’s style overall."

Doesn't Play Copy-Cat

The leggy star also ear-marked the importance of having your own edge, adding: "I like to see how people can take on similar pieces but make it their own style. To me that is the point of fashion - to make it up as you go, following your own vision as opposed to copying someone else’s."

Olivia's swimwear snaps gained a like from Olympic gymnast and fellow bikini lover Nastia Liukin. Fans called her a "charming beauty," although one user had their eye on the "sexy bikini."