Gemma Chan Stuns In Trendy Print Minidress

Gemma Chan smiling at the camera.
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Returning to the headline franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), for a different role, 39-year-old Gemma Chan graces the public with one of the best-styled print dresses the fashion industry is yet to see.

Just days after the premiere of the MCU movie, Eternals, and days before her birthday, the actress shares moments from her Friday in Rome with pictures in a bid to wish all of her fans a Happy Friday. These pictures did all of the talking necessary to tell she was having much fun.

Sersi In Eternals

Gemma Chan smiling at the camera.
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After her first appearance in the MCU as Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel, Chan played the character Sersi in the comic adaptation of the Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao. The movie tells the story of immortal aliens known as Eternals who resurface on earth after hiding from humans for thousands of years to battle their long-time enemies, the Deviants. Sersi, being one of the Eternals, is very attached to the human race and is currently in a relationship with one of them, Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington. She also possesses the power to influence the nature of inanimate objects or substances at will. The character also has a history of love and marriage with another Eternal, Ikaris, played by co-star Richard Madden.

"I really identify with her free-spirited nature, her empathy, her kindness, and her loyalty", Chan told CoupdeMain during an interview about her character.

Looking Like Rome

Gemma Chan posing for the camera.
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The "When in Rome, behave like the Romans" idiom resonated well with the model as she strutted her long, toned legs on their streets looking like an art piece. As already mentioned, it was a fully printed thigh-length shirt dress with a belt, bucket hat, and a tote bag with the word "Patou" written on it, of the same design. The Instagram post was a four-frame upload of the model enjoying gelato and pizza in the various corners of Rome during a one-hour break.

"When in Rome.. and you have an hour off.. you run for 🍕🍦Happy Friday!#eternals #marvel #mcu #sersi #gelato", she captioned.

Here's the post.

The Comment Section

Gemma Chan looking back at the camera.
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With over two million followers in awe, Chan's comment section is as you would expect. The picture had over three hundred thousand likes, and various comments showered on the outfit and the model's good looks. From the emoji and poetry comments to the Sersi x Ikaris ship fans wanting to know if she is in Rome with him, it was clear that the producer made a fashion statement with her choice of clothing and her fans loved her for it.

Future Chan Projects

Gemma Chan on a red carpet.
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Cheers to more of her charisma on our screens. We will be seeing more of the actress in the MCU as she confirmed her return to our screens as Sersi in future Marvel movies. Other projects to watch out for include future sequels to Crazy Rich Asians, the psychological thriller Don't Worry Darling, a sci-fi film titled True Love, and many others.