Vanessa Hudgens In Crop Top Shows Off Toned Abs

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Ingrid Vasquez

Vanessa Hudgens has always been America's sweetheart. Because of her early rise to fame in the High School Musical series to where she is today, her physical regimen has always been of importance. Something that has always stood out is her toned abdomen. Here is how she got there.

Vanessa Hudgens' Workout Routine

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Since Vanessa Hudgens has been in the spotlight from a young age, she has been used to maintaining an active lifestyle. She said in relation to this: "I normally do a cross of Pilates, SoulCycle, and yoga. And some days when I have the time, I love doing Pilates first and then going over to SoulCycle," she told Parade. "I love a double up! I always feel so accomplished when I double up."

Where Vanessa Hudgens Likes To Workout

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Vanessa is one of the many celebrities who is a fan of the popular New York and Los Angeles-based fitness studio, The Dogpound. The Dogpound has seen celebrities from Hugh Jackman to Ashley Graham work out at their facilities.

How Vanessa Hudgens Focuses On Nutrition

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Even though much of what goes into developing a strong core is nutrition, Vanessa is not afraid to indulge. Vanessa has stated in interviews that she is a big fan of pizza, but that "you've gotta pick and choose your time". Because of this, she focuses on a pescatarian diet. A pescatarian diet involves living a vegetarian lifestyle but also incorporating seafood into a meal plan. It works as the main protein source.

How Vanessa Hudgens Tones Up

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Vanessa admits that she builds muscle quickly and because so, she is careful with which exercises she engages in. Since she wants to tone and keep her core tight and lean, she told Parade the following: "I find the way that I achieve the body that I want for myself is to lengthen, to lean, and to tone. And I get that all with yoga, Pilates, and Soul. I love Modo Yoga. I love a heated yoga class. I love to sweat."

Following Vanessa Hudgens' Workout And Lifestyle Example

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Her key secret to achieving her killer abs is not only her diet but also working out when fasting. She follows an 18-hour fast, works out during morning hours, then has a 6-hour eating period, during which she adheres to her diet. By following her workout and lifestyle example you can work towards her killer abs!