Kanye West Unveils Balenciaga X Gap YZY Collection

Kanye West walks out of his Hotel wearing Champion pullovers
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Kanye West's Yeezy collaboration with Balenciaga and Gap is finally here, and the collection reflects the rapper's dark and brooding mood at the moment. It's no longer news that the 44-year-old multi-award-winning rapper is dealing with a very messy divorce amid dropping his new album and engaging in a whirlwind romance with actress Julia Fox. He posted a first look at the new collection on his Instagram page yesterday, and you can see Creative Director Demna's influence as obvious as Kanye's artistic uniqueness.

All-Black Everything

Kanye's collection extends the contemporary style he adopted, comprising all-black outfits with no hint of bright color. There are large puffer coats, oversized hoodies and pants, big rainboots, parkas, anoraks, jumpsuits, and thigh-high boots for the ladies. You also can't miss the dark gloves and full-faced ski masks similar to Kim's 2021 MET Gala look.

One especially interesting look (everything is attention-grabbing) features the female model covered from head to toe in a Demna-style skintight bodysuit. The sleeves extend into gloves such that you can only tell it's a lady in the dress from her physique and event that is open to interpretation.

A Hint Of Color

Remember how we said there's no drop of bright colors in this collection? Well, the second set of the collection dropped, and Balenciaga posted this set with washed blue denim and Gap printed hoodie on its official Instagram.

Kanye first announced the campaign earlier this year, and he told Vogue,

"It's a vision come true to work with Gap and Demna, the creative director of Balenciaga, to make incredible product available to everyone at all times."

Possible Conflict Of Interest

While this campaign is a huge success and a major milestone for Kanye, there are still mumblings about his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, being the face of Balenciaga. Last week, the French fashion house unveiled her in a series of power-outfit photoshoots.


Kanye's fans went wild with the drop of the Yeezy x Gap collection selling out the GAP logo hoodie within minutes of its launch. It came in all sizes from XS-XL, unisex, and sold for $240. West touts the white dove on the back of the hoodie as a symbol of hope for the future, and there are no doubts as to why it's a bestseller.

Where To Buy

Although the GAP hoodie is sold out, there are other designs still available at Yeezygap.com, and they're cheaper too. Well, not so cheap they just cost less than the hoodie. In the same vein, there are more expensive designs too.