Lita Comments On Facing Becky Lynch At The Elimination Chamber

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46-year-old Lita is returning to the ring for a RAW Women's Championship match against Becky Lynch at the Elimination Chamber.

Lita Says Her And Becky Lynch Have Been Planning This Match For Years

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Lita recently took part in an interview with Sports Illustrated. During the discussion, she noted that she and Becky Lynch have been planning to have a match against one another for years. Whenever they happened to meet up, they would always discuss the idea of facing one another in the ring.

"Becky and I have been fantasy-booking ourselves for years. Every time we’d meet up, we’d always talk about that. It was always there whenever we were catching up," Lita said.

Lita hasn't had a singles match in WWE since 2012, however. After 10 years away from the ring, some fans are wondering how much she has left. Lita addressed this during the interview with Sports Illustrated as well. Scroll down to reveal what she said.

Lita Comments On Her First Singles Match Since 2012

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According to Lita, she feels in fantastic shape right now. Having been off the road for a decade and not taking bumps has allowed her to heal from a career's worth of injuries.

"I really feel good. I have been away from the ring [and traveling with WWE], so I haven’t been beating myself up. I’m sleeping in the same bed and holding a regular training schedule. They gave us quite a bit of heads up for the Rumble this year, so I’ve had time to prepare, and that has shifted into making my workouts more intense. Plus, combine that with a group I’ve linked up with in the Bay Area called Hood Slam—I have an open invitation to their ring and that’s helped so much. That’s really helped put any doubt to rest," Lita said.

Lita has a chance to win the RAW Women's Championship at Elimination Chamber. Granted, it would be something of an upset if she was able to pull it off. There is one person who says she would be upset if someone other than her took the title off of Lynch, however. Scroll down to reveal who it is.

Bianca Belair Says She Would Be Upset If Someone Else Took The Title From Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair cuts a promo in an NXT ring.
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Bianca Belair has a chance to earn a shot at the RAW Women's Championship when she enters the Elimination Chamber this weekend. Belair was defeated for a championship at SummerSlam in an impromptu match against Becky Lynch. She hasn't held a title since. Belair spoke to GiveMeSport about wanting Lynch to win at Elimination Chamber so that she can face her for the title.

“It would be a cool moment to see Lita as champion again, reaping the benefits of all the work she’s sewn for the women’s division. I think she has a great chance. But I can’t lie, I want Becky to win! Only because I want to be the person to take the Title off of her at WrestleMania. I will be upset if I’m not the one that gets the chance to take the Title off Becky!” Belair said.

The title match between Lynch and Lita almost didn't happen, however. Last fall, Lita was in negotiations with All Elite Wrestling. Scroll down to reveal what Lita had to say about almost joining that company.

Lita Comments On Why She Didn't Sign With AEW

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During her interview with Sports Illustrated, Lita mentioned that AEW reached out to her last fall. While she says she was intrigued with what the company was offering her, she ultimately decided that WWE is her home and where she wanted to make her return to wrestling.

"They reached out to me initially, and I was intrigued. They’re doing a lot of cool stuff. It’s exciting whenever there is competition—it stokes the industry as a whole. And they’ve really fostered the rise of the star of Britt Baker," Lita said. "I was intrigued, but as we ended up talking, it felt like it wasn’t the right move for me. We ended it with, “Not right now. I wish you the best and I’ll be watching.” It’s a fun product and I’m glad for their success. I ultimately feel I’m home in WWE. There is something that feels right about that."

Lita returned at the Royal Rumble, but according to comments she would make to Denise Salcedo, she had no idea she would be wrestling at the Elimination Chamber when she did so. Scroll down to reveal what Lita said about WWE asking her to face Lynch in Saudi Arabia.

Lita Comments On When WWE Asked Her To Face Becky Lynch At The Elimination Chamber

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According to Lita, WWE asked her about facing Becky Lynch at the Elimination Chamber right after she got to the back after performing in the Royal Rumble.

“They hit me at a great time, right after the match,” Lita revealed. “Literally like, sweaty, like right coming out, ‘what do you think about facing Becky in a couple of weeks?’ And I was like, ‘what? Yes. Oh sh-, did I say yes?’ I didn’t have a chance to doubt, or think about all the reasons I shouldn’t face Becky, or all of the reasons I wouldn’t be ready or what could possibly go wrong,'” Lita said.

Lita might be in tough against Becky Lynch at the Elimination Chamber. Still, there are many longtime WWE fans who are thrilled she's coming back in such a high-profile way and hope there will be more for her in WWE once the match is over.