Olympian Lea Bouard In Bikini Takes Daring Jump In Ocean

Close up of Lea Bouard
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German Olympic skier Lea Bouard has an affinity for big backflips due to her chosen career sport. On more than one account, her famous flip went viral, bringing incredible attention to the Olympian though she's not complaining. The 25-year-old indulges her hobby whenever the mood grabs her without caring about her outfit or location.

One of her videos led her from Germany to French TV featuring on one of the biggest Travel Vlog Commercials in the country.

Back On The Cliff

Lea does a backflip (backie) into the Ocean wearing an orange bikini, then swims in backward strokes once she's in the water. Lea starts in a squat then flips with the grace and elegance of a ballerina flexing her impressive physique in the air before hitting the water. She explains in her caption that the activity is a lifelong hobby - a result of her residence's proximity to the cliff by the Ocean.

"I am back with my backies. Not on snow that time. Almost my everyday activity, cliff jumping after a sport session because this place is 3 minutes from my home in Mallorca !"

How She Spends Her Sunset

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Lea loves backflips so much she would do them anywhere wearing anything! The Olympian doesn't let geography or anything she considers trivial get in the way of her indulgence. This video of Lea hitting the slopes in a white bathrobe went viral and increased her popularity beyond the Olympics world.

"This is how I spend my perfect sunset: getting out of my shower, having my coffee and my favorite magazine, jumping and doing a backflip in my bathrobe in front of a magical view at home."

Don't try this at home unless you're a professional Skier!

Flipping Millions

Lea Bouard skiing during the Olympics
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"How life can be crazy ! ☺️💗“La vie en rose” 😄💗I am super proud to have been in the television last Saturday 29 January 2022 on @tf1 with @50inside @50insidetravel !! 🤗Thanks to my famous reel doing a backflip in my bathrobe this video did the buzz & I got millions of views & got contacted to do it on TV!"

Lea's backflipping hobby made her millions and more famous when 50 Inside Travel recorded her and her older brother Adrien as part of its Winter travel campaign. The 25-year-old expressed joy over meeting Anne Sophie (the most decorated woman Chef worldwide) and tasting her famous menu.

Avid supporters of the skiing champion know her love for family is undiluted, and she reiterates that in her gratitude post, saying,

"It was a wonderful day where I was with my brother @adrienbouard my best support mentally and physically to continue my passion and the competitions !"

Finally, she thanked Pizon City for choosing her as the muse to tell the French Alps' story.

See the famous flip and the documentary in the video below.

Nendaz Freeride Invitational

Bouard's flipping paid off in the Nendaz Backcountry Freeride invitational in Switzerland, where she came second. The backcountry freestyle isn't popular in professional Skiing competitions, so it doesn't get as much support from sponsors. Nonetheless, fans expect athletes to put their best performance on and entertain while gunning for Gold.

Although Lea ended her run in second place, the multi-Gold winning medalist mounted the podium gracefully and congratulated her co-winners.