Kendall Jenner In Bikini 'Appreciates Jelly'

Close up of Kendall Jenner in a white tulle dress
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Sugar, spice, and everything nice are the perfect words to describe Kendall Jenner's fashion choices. The American model 100 per cent of the time understands the assignment and effortlessly too.

We pay homage to her flawless body and impeccable fashion sense in this piece. A side attraction is her ever-growing Instagram account which now stands at 218 million followers.

Queen Of Hues

Kendall is as daring with colors as her fashion, from green to blue to red and black. We've seen her rock these shades effortlessly, both on the runway, the beach in bold bikinis even on errands.

Magazine covers are not left out either; her incredible picture in the brightest of colors like the Elle magazine shoot cements her place as the master trying out new tones and looking great while at it.

Clear Waters

The 26-year-old reality TV star takes us on a glee ride in a new Instagram post, and we love it. She takes a dip in the clear blue sea, adorning a very sexy tie-dye patterned two pieces. We are green with envy, and this is in no way related to the green and blue colors on this hot bikini.

The water is the perfect accomplice in this picture as the blue color gives the contrast and a worthy background, so aesthetically pleasing that it could pass for a painting on the wall, and we wouldn’t even bat an eyelid in doubt.

No Boundaries

With Kendall Jenner, every occasion is a new excuse to slay and show off her hot bikini bod. There're no limits to what she can do with her simple, soft, and daring fashion, and she continues to prove that in this new set of pictures.

The skims model showed off her perfectly sculpted derriere in the first slide. Talk about extra gains and quality gym time. Her freshly tanned skin shines brightly in the golden sun. Kudos to the person behind the camera; we couldn't have imagined a better angle.

Always the one to throw a shade (and we're not talking about beef), Kendall pairs her look with cute detective shades in the second slide while wearing her brunette hair in 2 braids leaning softly over her shoulder. The perfect intersection between edgy and girly.

A badass Jenner poses for a full shot at the third slide. We notice the hoops earrings taking a sneak peek in this picture and the famous mid-section. We know that water feels lucky cos we surely do.

In Vogue

The 818 CEO latest project with Vogue Hong Kong is giving us nostalgia. Talk about Cleopatra and Cat Woman re-incarnated. The model strikes her best superhero in an oyster shell pose, and we're convinced she can save the world.

With a talent that cuts across the continent, Kendall Jenner is on the edge of glory, and it's an absolute pleasure watching her take over the world one click at a time.