Texas Brothers Kill Stepfather For Sexually Abusing Their Sister

Christian Trevino, Juan Eduardo Melendez, Alejandro Trevino
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Damir Mujezinovic

Two brothers from Pharr, Texas recruited the help of a friend to kill their stepfather after he allegedly sexually abused their 9-year-old sister.

Eighteen-year-old Alejandro Trevino faces aggravated assault and engaging in organized criminal activity charges, while his 17-year-old brother Christian Trevino faces capital murder and aggravated assault charges.

Their friend, 18-year-old Eduardo Melendez, also faces capital murder and aggravated assault charges.

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As reported by People, it is being alleged that Alejandro and Christian decided to beat their stepfather, 42-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla, to death after realizing he inappropriately touched their half-sister.

The attack began at a Pharr trailer park, and then continued at an apartment complex nearby. After a third attack took place, Quintanilla was placed in a white Ford F-150 and driven to the field in McAllen.

Quintanilla, who suffered trauma to the head, was later found dead in that field.

Gabriel Quintanilla

Pharr Police Chief Andy Harvey explained at a press conference Thursday that Quintanilla had previously been accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

The incident took place between 2014 and 2016. Detectives had plenty of evidence, but were never able to find Quintanilla, according to Harvey.

"The detectives went out to look for Quintanilla at that time and were unable to find him. They searched his last known residence, they went to his mother's residence multiple times. He was being elusive, obviously, and hiding from us," he said.

Capital Murder Charges

Harvey explained that the capital murder charges are being sought for the teenagers because "Quintanilla was kidnapped when he was taken in the back of the F-150 and dropped off somewhere else and then at the scene where they dropped him off the Trevino's stole some property from Quintanilla."

"Our job is to present a case and get the facts to the district attorney's office and they will present the case at another time. We are still investigating that and that is why it is still open to provide even more facts to the district attorney in order to have the case they need to pursue whatever the charges they want to pursue," he added.

Petition To Free Teens

Pharr teens
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But many believe the teens should be released.

A change.org petition created by Carlos Eduardo Espina has garnered nearly 300,000 signatures.

The petition, which is addressed to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, notes that the teenagers face a minimum sentence of life imprisonment without parole if convicted.

"We ask that the state of Texas to release these teenagers, who could possibly spend the rest of their life in prison for protecting their sister," it says.