Jimmy Garoppolo Shares Bizarre Playoff Win Record With Peyton Manning

Jimmy Garoppolo
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The San Francisco 49ers entered the season with big doubts at the quarterback position, at least for most analysts and fans.

Jimmy Garoppolo gave the team a better chance to win now but most expected Trey Lance to take over at some point in the season, especially given their struggles early in the campaign.

Garoppolo's numbers were far from impressive and he left a lot to be desired in his first couple of postseason games. Then again, the Niners keep rolling and are better off with him than with an unproven rookie.

Jimmy G's Numbers Aren't Impressive But He Still Wins

Jimmy Garoppolo entering the field
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Moreover, Jimmy G's poor performances have still helped him join an elite company and make NFL history, tying Peyton Manning's least impressive record:

"Only two starting QBs have won multiple games in a single postseason without a Pass or Rush TD since 1975: 2021 Jimmy Garoppolo, and 2015 Peyton Manning," tweeted NFL on CBS.

While that's far from ideal and likely unsustainable, and being compared to that version of Manning isn't exactly a compliment, the only thing that matters is that the Niners continue to win.

Garoppolo Is Motivated By Criticism

Jimmy Garoppolo throwing
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Jimmy G is well aware of the criticism and doubts about his skills. Even so, he says that he only fuels his fire and motivates him even more:

"I think a big part of it is just knowing who you are—as a player and a person, really," Garoppolo told NBC Sports. "That will take you a long way. It's kind of a big part of just my mental game. I know what type of quarterback I am. I know what type of player I am in this league and where I stand. All the noise out there and everything, keep it coming. It fuels me and it keeps me going. It's a good thing when people are talking about you."

Jimmy G Wants The Crowd To Be Loud

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Niners fans don't fully trust Garoppolo but he still knows that they'll pack SoFi Stadium and root for them in the NFC Championship Game. For that, he urged them to be as loud as they can and make them feel just at home.

“The Faithful? They travel tremendously,” Garoppolo told 49ersWebzone.com. “When you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game and we knew it before the game even started, there was a lot of red, you could see it, but once we started making plays and they started getting loud, it just changes the momentum of the game, I think. And you could feel it on the sideline. It’s not something that you could really put your finger on and you can’t see specifically, but you could feel, you could hear it. And our team responds well to that. So hopefully the Faithful will be out there loud and proud. And I know they’re trying.”

What's Next For The 49ers?

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This will likely be Jimmy Garoppolo's final year with the team, at least as a starter. Trey Lance is an exciting prospect but he'll be a work in progress for at least a couple of seasons.

Despite Garoppolo's struggles, he could still gauge some interest among quarterback-needy teams, especially if the Niners release him instead of trying to trade him.

Of course, that will all depend on this season's outcome, whether they fall short of the goal one more time, and how he performs in a hypothetical Super Bowl game.