Paris Hilton In Bathing Suit Rides Unicorn

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Paris Hilton stopped the internet when she had a three-day wedding marathon last year. The socialite’s fairytale didn’t end on Day three because the couple went honeymooning in the Maldives. Seriously, Paris’ life is what dreams are made of as she explored the open waters in different swimsuit styles. Trust Paris Hilton to think out of the box when showing up for basic events because she stood out in her outfits, from three-piece bathing suits to a colorful maillot.

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Paris Rides A Unicorn

Paris Hilton standing arms akimbo wearing a Long-sleeved red lace mini dress with flared skirt.
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You can tell Paris is a child at heart from how she incorporates fun into her daily activities. She rode a Unicorn floaty in a red one-piece bathing suit, looking every bit of the American Sweetheart she is. The newlywed kept it classy in a Melissa Odabash swimwear with a moderate V knot-tie neckline.

Paris protected her eyes with a heart-shaped two-tone sunshade – a white frame and black lens, and her blonde hair with a matching tie-dye red and white scarf. She neglected to wear jewelry (not that she needed to because she looked stunning regardless. Paris sat on a smiling Unicorn floaty as someone pulled her on the water.


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Honeymoon In The Maldives

Carter Reum pecks Paris Hilton on the forehead
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In another post, she reminisces on her honeymoon in the Maldives sharing more pictures with her husband on the gram. “Take me back! I’ll remember these beautiful days in the Maldives forever,” she wrote. Still wearing her red Melissa Odabash maillot, the reality TV star cozies up with her man while flaunting her flawless toned legs.

Here’s a tip on enjoying your stay in the Maldives according to Paris Hilton, “Play with fairies, Ride a Unicorn, Swim with Mermaids, Chase Rainbows, [and] Work like a Boss Babe.” The socialite delivered this message in a tennis-style bathing suit.

Like A Boss Babe

Paris Hilton poses in a blush pink bejeweled dress with a sheer feathered skirt
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The printed blue three-piece consisted of a triangle bra, a mini flared wrap skirt and unseen bikini underwear. Paris styles her blonde hair into a side ponytail with a blue and white silk scarf (we didn’t get the memo that vintage scarfs were back in style.) She completes the look with white framed sunshades and wedges nude sandals. 

Like she said, “work like a boss babe,” so Paris set up a workstation on the beach with her floaty Unicorn beside her. She reclines on a lounger as she works on her MacBook, with her skin radiating under the sunray.

Paris In Love

Paris Hilton in a formal white dress and Carter Reum in a Tuxedo at the LCMA/Gucci  event
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Once again, you trust Paris prepares ahead because she has her skincare package on a mini stool ready-to-use. There’s no Sunburn risk as she basks in the bright ray of light. Paris shares her travel experience, and three-day wedding on the show ParisInLove airing on Peacock TV.