Rebel Wilson In Swimsuit 'Gets Physical'

Rebel Wilson
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Rebecca Cukier

Rebel Wilson is front-page news right now for a hot pink swimsuit look right from the beach. The 41-year-old actress continues to make headlines for maintaining her 77-pound weight loss, and the swimwear-clad displays are now a regular affair on her Instagram.

Posting this week, Rebel shared beachy snaps of herself and family members in twinning swimwear, with the gallery big-time flaunting the Aussie's slimmed-down silhouette. Ahead, see the photos, plus how Rebel lost the weight.

Stuns In New Swimsuit Photos

Rebel Wilson in red dress
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Scroll for the snaps. Rebel had gone blonde Barbie in her photos, ones showing her on powder-fine and golden sands while backed by an ocean and greenery horizon. The Olly wellness partner was on the far left as she rocked a low-cut and bright pink bathing suit, also donning high-waisted black shorts and a cute matching jacket worn open. She held a bottle green tote bag, also wearing summery and heeled sandals.

See The Photos Below

Rebel, joined by her two sisters, brought out the continuity as her siblings rocked similar swimwear. Rebel's one-piece came with "Let's Get Physical" scrawled across it, whereas her sisters wore "MAMA" and "GOT IT FROM MY MAMA" ones. "The Wilson sisters for the WIN!" Rebel wrote with a pink heart emoji. Over 100,000 likes were left in just 14 hours, with fans quickly rushing to fill the comments section.

Swipe below for the gallery, just scroll for more photos.

Losing 77 Pounds

2020 marked Wilson announcing her "year of health." She's since dropped 77 pounds and she's opened up on maintaining her weight loss - this, a result of both mindful eating and old-fashioned outdoor walks. Speaking of the later as she opened up on Today, Rebel stated:

"It's just about keeping your body moving and keeping the blood pumping," adding: "I feel like sometimes people think you need to work your body really hard to get results, and yeah, if you were training to be the next Thor or something you would be doing hardcore things, but as a regular person, walking is just so healthy for you. The body is designed to move in that way."

Still 'Shocked'

Rebel Wilson in metallic dress
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The Pitch Perfect star even admitted being a little taken aback at her lifestyle change and success. She continued:

"I think I'm a little bit shocked, because I was worried. I think everybody who's struggled with their weight has at times (felt like that) ... I've managed to maintain that for almost a year. It's just all those lifestyle habits changing."