Leslie Knope's Guide To Galentine's Day

Leslie Knope toasts mimosas with her girlfriends at a restaurant on Galentine's Day.
youtube | Parks and Recreation

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Alexandra Lozovschi

We all know February is the month of love, and that's not just because of Valentine's Day. Another love-filled, albeit unofficial, holiday we can look forward to is Galentine's Day -- that special day to celebrate friendship and the amazing ladies in your life.

One of the coolest things about Galentine's Day, apart from being the perfect occasion to shower your gal pals with love, is that it was invented by a fictional character. Dreamed up by the cheerful Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, this holiday is all about "Ladies celebrating ladies," as Leslie (played by Amy Poehler in the series) explained on the show.

Celebrated on February 13, this is a day to lavish your lady friends with affection, more than you do every other day -- it's not for nothing that the Urban Dictionary labels it "the other half of Valentine's Day."

Here's how to do Galentine's Day with your BFFs Leslie Knope-style.

Throw A Galentine's Day Brunch

Leslie Knope and her girlfriends toast mimosas at a restaurant on Galentine's Day.
youtube | Parks and Recreation

No need to wait until evening to get this party started. Take a cue from the master herself and get all your gal pals together for a festive Galentine's Day brunch.

Just like Leslie explained in Season 2 of Parks and Rec back in 2010, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style.”

While waffles and mimosas are traditional, you could also grab pancakes and coffee or host a wine-and-cheese happy hour for your besties. Either set it up at home or book a table at a fancy restaurant and get ready to toast your friendship. Making an appointment for a group mani-pedi is also a nice idea, especially if you bring with you a bottle of champagne.

Get Them Thoughtful Gifts

Leslie Knope holds up a homemade embroidered pillow while presenting her besties with gifts for Galentine's Day.
youtube | Parks and Recreation

Nothing says "I love you" more than a thoughtful handmade gift. If you're on a budget or you don't have enough time to put something together by February 13, you can pay tribute to the show and draw inspiration from Leslie's own ideas with a Belgian waffle maker, a set of mimosa glasses, floral pens (they don't necessarily have to be embroidered), or a mosaic kit to channel Leslie's dazzling handmade portraits of her girlfriends. Scented candles and skincare products are also great ideas -- just pick something you know your besties will love!

Lavish Them With Praise

Leslie Knope shakes a can of whipped cream while talking to her bestie.
youtube | Parks and Recreation

You don't need to be a wordsmith to let your lady friends know how much they mean to you. Simply tell them they're always in your heart, even if you skip the personalized 5,000-word essays of why they're so awesome. Make sure your girlfriends know that you're always going to be there for them and assure them they can count on your unconditional love and support. Make it clear that you're only a phone call away no matter what they might need and that you're always there to listen and rage.

What About Your LDR Besties?

Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope cuddle in bed at a hospital nursery for a heart-to-heart.
youtube | Parks and Recreation

Just because you and your gal pals don't live in the same city, state or country doesn't mean you can't do Galentine's Day together. Give them a call or catch up on FaceTime over drinks. You can also make them feel loved with a “Happy Galentine’s Day” card. If you're celebrating online, shoot them a heartfelt Instagram message and tag them in a celebratory post.