Alexandra Daddario Offers Rear View In Swimsuit

Alexandra Daddario close up
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Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario has been getting cheeky in a skimpy swimsuit on Instagram. The 35-year-old actress and social media sensation stunned her army of followers ahead of the New Year, posting a stunning poolside shot, one taken by the man she's set to marry, producer Andrew Form. Daddario showcased her world-famous figure in the sun-drenched snap, also gaining over 1.6 million likes. Ahead, see the photo, plus more about The White Lotus star's goings-on.

Stuns In Swimsuit Poolside

Alexandra Daddario
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Scroll for the photo. It showed the Alo Yoga influencer candidly shot and in a chic poolside setting. The terrace-set snap showed Alexandra shot from behind and in a criss-cross gray swimsuit showing some cheek - barefoot, Daddario was seen padding around near the lap pool, with her cute dog also included.

Alexandra showcased her signature porcelain skin, toned legs, and back, plus her face as she gazed a little behind her. Shouting out 52-year-old Form, to whom she became engaged late last year, the actress wrote: "Taken by the man who can make even the kitchen pantry fun." Scroll for more photos after the snap.


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'The White Lotus' During Pandemic

Fans are now hugely pumped for Season 2 of the HBO series Alexandra stars on. Speaking to Byrdie about shooting The White Lotus over the COVID pandemic - and it being rather like a "ghost town" out in Hawaii - Daddario revealed:

"Well, in the beginning, that was the case. It was just us, and it was very surreal. We shot at the Four Seasons in Maui, so we were the first group of people to be in the hotel since March, and it was a ghost town."

'Very Odd'

Alexandra Daddario close up
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"It's a huge hotel, and when I first arrived, there was no one there. It was very odd. And then people started to come as the world started to sort of open," she added. Alexandra spent early 2022 back out in Hawaii to shoot, complaining jokingly about the unexpected rain showers. As to filming in quarantine, the blue-eyed beauty also had thoughts.

Working In Quarantine

Continuing, Daddario stated: "Working was very strange because it was not a normal set. You’re trying to make it normal, but if you were within six feet of somebody who tested positive, you automatically went into quarantine."

Outside of her acting career, Alexandra continues to make headlines for her recent engagement, rumored deal with Vintner's Daughter, current one with Alo Yoga, plus those Versace looks.