Google Exec Ray Kurzweil Takes 150 Vitamin Supplements Every Day

Robert Jonathan

Immortality seeking Google exec Ray Kurzweil swallows 150 vitamins a day as part of his health regimen.

The futurist, author, and inventor is currently the search engine giant's director of engineering and is working on an artificial intelligence initiative.

He has also predicted that nanotechnology will allow us to treat diseases from within our bodies thanks to tiny robots.

In an interview with MacLeans, Kurzweil asserted that "outdated software" is running our bodies, and needs to be reprogrammed to increase life expectancy. "Life expectancy was 20 a thousand years ago; 37, 200 years ago. We're now able to reprogram health and medicine as software, and that [pace is] going to continue to accelerate."

As far as his daily intake of supplements, Kurzweil explained that he takes "About 150 a day. I test myself on a regular basis, and it's working. All my measurements are in ideal ranges. I scan my arteries to see if I have plaque buildup, and I have no atherosclerosis. I come out younger on biological aging tests. So far, so good. But this program is not designed to last a very long time. This program is what we call bridge one. The goal is to get to bridge two: the biotechnology revolution, where we can reprogram biology away from disease. And that is not the end-all either."

This regimen is designed to get to what he termed bridge three, where nanobots will boost the immune system and fend off disease.

According to London's Daily Mail, bridge one is "Stay as healthy as possible with diet and exercise and current medicine."

In a 2012 interview with PBS, Kurzweil insisted that "We will get to a point 15 years from now where, according to my models, we will be adding more than a year every year to your remaining life expectancy, where the sands of time are running in rather than running out, where your remaining life expectancy actually stretches out as time goes by." PBS reported that Kurzweil's "cholesterol, for example, has dropped from 280 to 100, thanks to a strict regimen of diet, exercise, statin drugs and nutritional supplements. He takes about 150 pills a day. And then there are injections and I.V. drips for the more exotic substances."

Do you think Ray Kurzweil's anti-aging, life expansion predictions have validity or are overly optimistic?

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