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Proof GTA V Is Bringing Zombies To The Chaos?

There is some proof to support the rumors of zombies in GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V players have been looking forward to the ‘Heist’ DLC for a while now. The wait was made a little easier with Rockstar releasing the “I’m Not a Hipster” content. The GTA V DLC included new cars, jobs and customization. Now, however, fans of the GTA series are going to be forced… Read more »

Michelle Shocked Attempts To Revive Career With Silent Album


Who would buy a CD with nothing but 11 silent tracks on it? Michelle Shocked, a disgraced folk singer, recently released an album consisting of exactly that. Inaudible Women features 11 seemingly empty tracks named after journalists and music execs that Shocked feels have either played a hand in her downfall or are part of… Read more »

Google Buys Streaming Site Twitch for $1 Billion

google buys twitch

It was rumored back in March that Twitch, the popular game streaming website, would be bought out by YouTube, but it looks like the deal finally went public on Friday. Venture Beat reports that Google officially bought Twitch for a cool $1 billion. While neither Twitch nor Google have commented — specifics about this merger… Read more »

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Racist’ Video Got Parodied [Video]

"Hey there, Beaver," Tess Paras' Avril Lavigne Parody.

The internet was up in arms when punk rocker Avril Lavigne released the music video to her new song “Hello Kitty.” Avril’s video featured a litany of racist Asian stereotypes and blatant, shameless pandering. Lavigne was slammed by both critics and internet-users alike for her insensitive content. Now it seems the people of the web… Read more »

Mark Malkoff Performs Random Acts Of Kindness To New Yorkers [VIDEO]

Random Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness can surely brighten someone’s day. It is probably the rarest form of sincerity shown to people that, when it does happen to people, they usually respond with doubt or don’t know how to respond at all. However, Mark Malkoff, a famous comedian and filmmaker, teamed up with Mashable and Asus… Read more »

Game Of Thrones: The Pugs Of Westeros [VIDEO]

Pugs of Westeros

When it comes to news here on The Inquisitr, we have plenty of articles on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Now whether those articles are breaking news, such as the spoilers by George R.R. Martin, gossip and celebrity stuff, such as the queen visiting the set, or just funny cool stuff like actor and actress selfies,… Read more »