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X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused Of Raping Boy In 1999


Hollywood writer and director Bryan Singer has been accused of raping a teenage boy in 1999, according to a lawsuit filed earlier today in federal court in Hawaii. The Hollywood Reporter says that the lawsuit was filed by Michael F. Egan, III, which is not a pseudonym, and alleges that Singer sexually assaulted, used other… Read more »

‘Wolverine: The Musical’ Performed By Hugh Jackman [VIDEO]

Hugh Jackman Singing

Hugh Jackman has enjoyed being an actor of differing characters. Jackman, at times would be one of the toughest mutants in Marvel history. At other times, Jackman would be an authority figure with the gift of singing. What if both characters were to combine to form something spectacular? That recently happened when Hugh Jackman made… Read more »

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Turns 20

kevin bacon

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon just turned 20. The quirky parlor game became a national phenomenon that the actor himself first found very difficult to embrace. At first, the Footloose star thought the game was poking fun at him and was baffled why folks on the street would walk up to him, playfully poke his… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Ditching Hollywood For One Year, Film Exec Says

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, without question, is the biggest female star in Hollywood at the moment. In fact, she may even be the biggest star period. Over the past couple of years, she has also been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. But that’s about to change, according to indie kingpin producer Harvey Weinstein, who calls… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Cleavage-Baring X-Men Costume In New Photos

Jennifer Lawrence X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence remains busy filming the final two installments of The Hunger Games series, as she awaits the March 2 Academy Awards where she’ll find out if she wins her second consecutive Oscar, this time for her role in American Hustle. All of this excitement for Jennifer Lawrence and her fans comes on the heels… Read more »

Hugh Jackman Still Having Doubts About Wolverine Return

Hugh Jackman unsure of playing Wolverine again

Hugh Jackman is once again questioning whether he wants to play Wolverine for another sequel. X-Men: Days of Future Past will mark Jackman’s seventh appearance as Wolverine. The Aussie actor played the character in the original X-Men trilogy, which began in 2000, and made an uncredited cameo in the 2011 prequel, X-Men: First Class. He… Read more »

Channing Tatum Wouldn’t Mind Playing Gambit In ‘X-Men’

Channing Tatum Wants To Be Gambit In A Movie

Channing Tatum wouldn’t mind playing Gambit in an upcoming X-Men movie. Although John Carter star Taylor Kitsch brought the character to life in director Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character really hasn’t gotten his due on the big screen. Should Marvel decide to get serious about Gambit, Tatum is definitely interested in landing the… Read more »

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Production Officially Wraps [Photo]

Bryan Singer Twitter

Production has officially wrapped on Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. To celebrate the occasion, the director posted one last image from the set of the film. Saturday was the last day of principal photography on Singer’s highly-anticipated follow-up to Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. The movie brings together a number of X-Men alum… Read more »

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Won’t Feature Cyclops

James Marsden

Fans of Cyclops will have to learn to live without the character in director Bryan Singer’s upcoming superhero epic X-Men: Days of Future Past. Although the guy was missing in action during Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, many were wondering if he would figure into the plot of next year’s sequel. However, former Cyclops James… Read more »