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Channing Tatum Leaving ‘Gambit’? Fans React With Excitement

Channing Tatum

Actor Channing Tatum is reportedly pulling out of Gambit — and quite a few fans apparently can’t be happier about it! In recent months, many of the biggest fans and most skeptical critics of the X-Men franchise were starting to accept the fact that the Magic Mike star would play Remy Lebeau (also known as… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence On Mystique’s Deadly Skin: ‘I’m Breathing That?’

'X-Men' star Jennifer Lawrence has expressed concern that her Mystique make-up may be causing health issues.

Jennifer Lawrence has seemed to have grown weary of the X-Men character Mystique, implying that X-Men: Apocalypse might be the last time she commits to playing the blue-skinned mutant, but, until now, Jennifer hasn’t gone into detail about her decision. “I love working with Bryan, and I love these movies,” Ms. Lawrence said. “It’s just… Read more »

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Footage Debuts At Comic-Con

The panel revealed footage from the upcoming film, in addition to a poster depicting Apocalypse.

Fans at Comic-Con’s Hall H panel were treated this weekend to the first footage from Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as a first look at Oscar Issac as the film’s titular villain. The first look at Apocalypse came in the form of a poster handed out to Comic-Con guests, according to Yahoo News…. Read more »

Hugh Jackman On Wolverine, Deadpool, Coffee, And Climate Change

Hugh Jackman has announced his final appearance as Wolverine.

Since the first X-Men came out in 2000, Hugh Jackman has been instantly recognizable as Wolverine. Now the actor has stated that his 2017 appearance in the currently unnamed Wolverine sequel will be his last as the iconic character. Hugh Jackman has joked with the Huffington Post that his reason for leaving the part has… Read more »

James McAvoy Bald? Actor Shaves Head For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

James Has Head Shaved For Role

James McAvoy recently bid farewell to his hair. The shocking image of the newly shaved actor came by way of X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer’s Instagram. The image was posted with a caption that said “Xavier reborn (in process”). There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not McAvoy, who first took the… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Snubs A Royal Invite, Prefers Chris Martin

Jennifer Lawrence attends the 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' world premiere at Jacob Javits Center on May 10, 2014 in New York City.

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly got more than she bargained for, when she traveled to London to promote the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. It seems Prince Harry is as taken with Ms. Lawrence as the rest of her fans, because he used his clout to make advances toward Jennifer, but Ms. Lawrence… Read more »

‘X-Men’ Character Iceman Comes Out As Gay

X Men: Iceman Comes Out As Gay

Marvel’s X-Men has always been known for tackling some of the most important human rights issues of the day, the most recent of which is gay rights; the first few movies from the current string of movies worked as a metaphor for gay rights, with mutants being told that they weren’t “natural” and being offered… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Becoming An Ex ‘X-Man’

Jennifer Lawrence XMen

Jennifer Lawrence announced her intention to leave the role of Mystique following the next movie of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse during a recent red carpet interview. Lawrence was palling around with her frequent co-star Bradley Cooper this weekend at the premiere of their long awaited film Serena, and as MTV‘s Josh Horowitz turned the… Read more »

New Dior Ads Bring Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Classic Beauty [Video]

Photo courtesy: Gilbert Flores/Broadimage

Truthfully, many of us were disappointed at the absence of Jennifer Lawrence at this year’s Oscars and, while she may have skipped out on one of the year’s biggest events, that doesn’t mean Jennifer’s been just as hidden from the spotlight elsewhere. It seems Ms. Lawrence has been busy adding another vocation to her growing… Read more »

‘Gambit’ X-Men Movie Charged For 2016 Release

Gambit X-Men Cover

Gambit, a spinoff of the X-Men film franchise, will debut on silver screens in 2016 according to multiple news sources. The Hollywood Reporter said that Twentieth Century Fox scheduled a date for the movie starring the X-Men mutant. “Gambit, starring Channing Tatum, is set for release Oct. 7, 2016. Joshua Zetumer wrote the screenplay.” Variety… Read more »

Rogue To Get Her Own ‘Distinct’ ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

Rogue Actress Anna Paquin

[Possible minor spoilers ahead.] Rogue, mutant heroine of X-Men fame, is said to be getting her own “distinct film” version of X-Men: Days of Future Past in the summer of 2015. James Finn, the Executive Vice President of Marketing Communications for 20th Century Fox, answered a fan’s question on Twitter about scenes featuring Rogue that… Read more »