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WWE: Hulk Hogan Wants One Last Title Run — Should He Get It?

Hulk Hogan One Last Time

Hulk Hogan can’t seem to let his wrestling career go, and now he’s upped the ante from saying he wants one last match at WrestleMania 31 to saying that he wants one last title run. Yes, you read that correctly. Hulk Hogan, WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In an interview with the Sioux City Journal, Hogan… Read more »

WWE: Batista Tweet Hints Company Is Underutilizing This Superstar

Batista Wants Titus O'Neil In Spotlight

Dave Bautista (or Batista as he’s known in-ring) hasn’t been shy about hitting the WWE with his share of criticisms since leaving the company a few months after WrestleMania 30. Batista’s comeback run, upended by the exploding popularity of Daniel Bryan, resulted in a failed and misguided attempt to make the big man relevant again,… Read more »

WWE ‘Silent Protest’ Favors Triple H Taking Over, John Cena Opposes

Triple H Ready To Take Over, And Wrestlers Want It

A WWE “silent protest” being orchestrated by unnamed wrestlers seems to favor Triple H taking creative control of the company in the wake of the much-maligned TLC pay-per-view. This rumor springs from MetsFan4Ever on the Squared Circle subreddit, and since he’s believed by many to be a company insider, a lot of WWE fans are… Read more »

WWE Raw Rating Lowest Since 2012: TLC Hangover Or Is The End Near?

WWE Ratings Are Faltering: Could It Be The End?

WWE hasn’t had the best of years, with a less-than-stellar rollout of its WWE Network product and a number of criticisms on the creative front. The company has also had to deal with a thinning roster due to injured personnel. Following the highlight of WrestleMania 30, there have been some ups and downs, but this… Read more »