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Billy Jack Haynes Sues WWE, Blames Company For His Hepatitis C Diagnosis

Billy Jack Haynes

Former wrestler Billy Jack Haynes is suing WWE. According to TMZ Sports, Haynes is claiming that Vince McMahon’s company is primarily responsible for him being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Haynes claims that he contracted the disease “during a bloody WWE wrestling match” and went on to say that he is not the only one. Billy… Read more »

Brock Lesnar Nearing Deal With UFC: ‘Leverage’ Or ‘Legit’?

Brock Lesnar UFC Deal On Horizon

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE in time for a WrestleMania run that saw him break The Undertaker’s famous unbeaten streak and capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena in the most lopsided main event in the company’s history at this year’s Summerslam. While WWE tried to do a bit of an about-face… Read more »

Hell In A Cell 2014: WWE Network Live Results

WWE Network

Tonight on October 26, 2014, the WWE is proud to present Hell in a Cell 2014 live at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. It is sponsored by the video game WWE 2K15. WWE Hell in a Cell is a specialty pay-per-view that began back in 2009. It is a specialty event named after… Read more »

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Unimpressed With WWE Handling Of Cesaro

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Wants Cesaro Push Now

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t been impressed with how the WWE has handled Cesaro, and he believes that a “big money run” is coming for the Swiss Superman as a babyface, adding that it could be sooner rather than later. This admission came on the most recent episode of the family-friendly Steve Austin Show podcast… Read more »

WWE: The Undertaker Now A NXT ‘Adviser,’ Retirement Coming Soon?

the undertaker pic-846

In the WWE, The Undertaker has been a main event staple for many years, but with the streak over with, there’s always been rumors that we may see The Undertaker retired relatively soon. Now that the Deadman has unofficially announced that he’s taking a new role with the WWE NXT development team, does this mean… Read more »

WWE’s Failure With Brock Lesnar As Champion

WWE Failing with Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back at SummerSlam in August, WWE fans wondered just how long Lesnar’s title reign would last, and if it turned out to be a lengthy reign, just how many times he’d appear on TV and wrestle on pay-per-views. As of right now… Read more »