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WWE News: Vince McMahon Could Be In Trouble As WWE Struggles Continue

WWE News: Vince McMahon Could Be Under Pressure As WWE Struggles Continue

The WWE and Vince McMahon could be headed for trouble as sinking viewership has reportedly brought about some desperate measures. Pressure has been growing on McMahon since early this year, when a failed launch of the WWE Network, along with a sinking stock price, hit the company hard. At the time, it was reported that… Read more »

WWE: Roman Reigns WrestleMania Push In Jeopardy

Roman Reigns On His Way Out

Roman Reigns is on his way out. Many Reigns fans don’t want to believe it, and you can look at his victory over Seth Rollins as a sign WWE is still pushing him. And yes, they very well may be. But when a star isn’t ready for the big time, he doesn’t end up as… Read more »

WWE: Brock Lesnar Needs To Destroy John Cena At Night Of Champions

Lesnar and Heyman

To keep a good thing going, listen to the audience and react. Read and acknowledge the fan base, then go from there. Brock Lesnar dominated, mutilated, destroyed, conquered, annihilated, squashed, bombarded, beat, commandeered, tyrannized and prevailed over John Cena at WWE’s SummerSlam. If there are any more synonyms to add in that sentence, please fill… Read more »

WWE Rumor: Did Daniel Bryan Fake Extent Of His Injuries?

Daniel Bryan, The Faker?

Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson) may be a faker. That’s if you read some of the wrestling message boards out there, anyway. (Hey, as a wrestling writer, I’ve got nothing better to do.) In all actuality, the theories are not that farfetched, and if they’re true, all we’ve got to say is, “Brilliant career move,… Read more »

WWE: Vince McMahon Could Scrap WWE Network Streaming To Focus On Cable TV

WWE: Vince McMahon Could Scrap WWE Network Streaming To Focus On Cable TV

In an odd twist, Vince McMahon is considering putting the WWE Network on cable TV, which would seemingly defy the very reason the company created the streaming service in the first place. It’s also claimed that George Barrios, WWE’s chief strategy and financial officer, says the company is keeping its options open, even including the… Read more »

WWE NXT TakeOver II: Live Network Results


The future of the WWE is now as they perform in NXT! Located at Full Sail University in the tourist city of Orlando, Florida, NXT has been the premier offset organization of the WWE in which the future talent could mold their craft right before they perform in front of millions within the WWE Universe…. Read more »