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WWE Rumors: That ‘Major’ Triple H Announcement Will Be…

Triple H Major Announcement Is A New Main Event?

Triple H is said to be a fan of the r/squaredcircle subreddit that focuses largely on professional wrestling in all its forms — WWE and otherwise. Some have even said that “The Game” will go there for ideas and feedback on what the company is doing with its product. But now the tables have been… Read more »

WWE News: Is Brock Lesnar Already In Talks For A Return To MMA?

WWE Brock Lesnar MMA

Brock Lesnar has dominated the ring in WWE since his current return, and he’s the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That doesn’t means he’s sticking around though. Unless he has signed a yet-unannounced deal with the company, his contract will be up right after WrestleMania 31. Could he already be in talks for a return… Read more »