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Wikipedia Quietly Removes All Women From ‘American Novelists’ Section

Wikipedia Quietly Removes All Women From 'American Novelists' Section 936854

Wikipedia has been taking flak since a New York Times contributor noticed the site has been moving all women from its “American novelists” category to a new, specially created subcategory: “American female novelists.” As Amanda Filipacchi notes, there’s a glaring lack of an “American male novelists” section; instead, the main “American novelists” category is now… Read more »

Wikimedia Might Launch Wikipedia Style Travel Website

WikiMedia Travel Website

Wikipedia is known for providing up-to-date, user aggregated content that is generally seen as accurate and timely. With that in mind Wikimedia, the not-for-profit organization that powers Wikimedia is mulling over the possibility of launching a new travel website. The move to launch a non-biased travel website could prove invaluable to travelers. These days it… Read more »