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Breaking: Redskins Trademark Canceled By Uncle Sam

Redskins name is still hurtful, say natives- and we still like it, say fans.

Trademarks held by the Washington Redskins have been canceled following a “landmark ruling” this morning by The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. All in all, the Washington Redskins held six federal trademarks related to their highly controversial name, and all were ordered canceled in the USPTO’s ruling. In an opinion, the USPTO board… Read more »

NFL Report: DeSean Jackson, Washington Redskins Close To Deal

DeSean-Jackson-Washington Redskins

DeSean Jackson may have a new home very shortly. According to multiple reports, including an article on, DeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins are a virtually lock to finalize a new deal that would bring the controversial wide receiver into the fold, pairing him up with Robert Griffin III who is in strong favor… Read more »

Redskins Name Change Supported By Only 10 Percent Of Native Americans?

Redskins Name Change Supported By Only 10 Percent Of Native Americans?

A Washington Redskins name change has been on the political agenda for quite a while now, but how much support is there for the idea by actual native Americans? In related reports by The Inquisitr, last year team owner Daniel Snyder was rumored to be considering changing the Redskins name to the Washington Bravehearts. It… Read more »

Washington Redskins Bench RG3, Cousins Will Start

washington redskins bench rg3

The Washington Redskins (3-11) have decided to sit RG3 this coming Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Instead, head coach Mike Shanahan will go with back up QB Kirk Cousins. As reported by, Redskins players were informed that Robert Griffin III will be declared “inactive” and Cousins will be named the starter. How long RG3… Read more »

Washington Redskins Get First Win Against Oakland Raiders

The Washington Redskins beat the Oakland Raiders Sunday

The Washington Redskins beat the Raiders 24-14 in Oakland to get their first win of the season. The Redskins defense finally showed up, and RG3 put together a complete game against a Raiders team without Terrelle Pryor. Both teams are now 1-3 on the season, and both are better than their records suggest. The Oakland… Read more »

RG3 Benched? Coach Shanahan Puts End To Rumors

Could RG3 be benched?

After two horrendous starts, the masses are wondering if RG3 will be benched in Washington. The Redskins have a very capable backup in Kirk Cousins. During his weekly press conference, coach Mike Shanahan addressed the questions surrounding RG3. He is the Redskins starting quarterback. There is nothing else to it. There should be something else… Read more »

Michael Vick Makes Controversial Call, Hands Redskins A Touchdown

Michael Vick Makes Controversial Call

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick promised a fast-paced game ahead of Monday nights showdown with the Washington Redskins, and that is exactly what they delivered. Chip Kelly’s offensive at times was frantic, up-tempo, and exciting, but an opening drive that almost yielded a touchdown turned into 7-points for the Washington Redskins. On first-and-goal of the… Read more »

Redskins Need A Name Change, Says D.C. Councilman

washington redskins

Is it time for the Washington Redskins to change their name? A D.C. councilman believes that the outdated and racist name should be changed to the Redtails. Council member David Grosso said that the name “Redskins” was “derogatory” and “racist.” Grosso is now circulating a proposal in an attempt to get the Redskins to change… Read more »

Redskins Need A Name Change, Says D.C. Mayor


Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray gave the Washington Redskins an ultimatum today: If the team ever wants to relocate back into the city limits the Redskins have to consider a name change. Gray said: “I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there’s no doubt there’s going to… Read more »

Robert Griffin III Likely To Start Sunday As Redskins Enter Playoff Push

Robert Griffin III Likely To Start Sunday As Redskins Enter Playoff Push

Robert Griffin III has been cleared to play Sunday for the Washington Redskins, leading the team as it makes an improbably run toward the playoffs. Griffin suffered an injury to his lateral collateral ligament last week, but Washington Post reporter Tracee Hamilton believes it’s a done deal. She believes that the rookie quarterback will get… Read more »

Robert Griffin III Doesn’t Have ACL Injury, Could Play Next Week

RG3 ACL Injury

Washington Redskin fans can breath a sigh of relief: Starting quarterback Robert Griffin III does not require major knee surgery. Team doctors have revealed that an MRI on Griffin’s knee shows no signs of an ACL tear. Team spokesman Tony Wyllie ruled out the ACL injury and said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will provide an… Read more »

Cops Taunt Redskins Fans Via Twitter About Arrests

Cops Taunt Redskins Fans Via Twitter About Arrests

Landover, MD – Cops taunt Redskins fans via Twitter about arrests made during a ‘Skins NFL football game. According to USA Today, while the Washington Redskins were dueling their way to a 17-16 win against the New York Giants during the last Monday night football match, the Prince Georges County Police Department decided have some… Read more »

Cedric Griffin Banned For Failing Drug Test

Cedric Griffin

Washington Redskins cornerback Cedric Griffin has been banned for four games after failing a drug test, according to Reuters. The National Football League decided to bench Griffin for a handful of games once it was determined he had violated the league’s policies on performance-enhancing drugs. The ban will reportedly go into effect immediately. Unfortunately for… Read more »