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Navajo Nation President Spotted At Washington Redskins Game Wearing Redskins Hat

Redskins owner joined by Navajo Nation President at Game

Indian Country Today says, “It is unfortunate the Navajo Nation administration of Ben Shelly is so out of step with the Navajo people, particularly the young people, regarding this issue. Obviously, offensive cultural appropriation done by non-Native fans of Native Mascots does not generally include Navajo culture. We do not see them performing Sand Paintings… Read more »

Eagles, Redskins Game Ends, Then Erupts Into Brawls

eagles vs. redskins brawl

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins, two rivals in the NFC East Conference, had a game erupt into a brawl on the sidelines Sunday. Despite the famous Eagles and Cowboys rivalry, their spat with the Redskins does not seem to be any less of a bitter rivalry. During the game Sunday, ESPN reports that… Read more »

‘Daily Show’ Redskins Segment Ends In Tears, Call To Police


A recent taped interview segment for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ended in tears and at least one phone call to the Metro Washington Police after a group of diehard Washington Redskins fans were confronted by Native Americans angry about the group’s support of the mascot, which by many is considered to be racist…. Read more »

Breaking: Redskins Trademark Canceled By Uncle Sam

Redskins name is still hurtful, say natives- and we still like it, say fans.

Trademarks held by the Washington Redskins have been canceled following a “landmark ruling” this morning by The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. All in all, the Washington Redskins held six federal trademarks related to their highly controversial name, and all were ordered canceled in the USPTO’s ruling. In an opinion, the USPTO board… Read more »

NFL Report: DeSean Jackson, Washington Redskins Close To Deal

DeSean-Jackson-Washington Redskins

DeSean Jackson may have a new home very shortly. According to multiple reports, including an article on, DeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins are a virtually lock to finalize a new deal that would bring the controversial wide receiver into the fold, pairing him up with Robert Griffin III who is in strong favor… Read more »