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Jason Momoa On Playing Aquaman And Diversity In Superheroes

Jason Momoa on Diversity

It’s no secret that there’s an inherent lack of diversity in the superhero movie genre. It seems to be a hot topic nowadays, and Joss Whedon even spoke recently on his views of sexism in the industry. Now we get to hear a bit from a different side of things with Jason Momoa, Hawaiian actor… Read more »

‘LEGO Batman 3’ Suicide Squad DLC Announced As ‘The Squad’

Lego Batman 3 Suicide Squad DLC.jpg

The LEGO video game series has always taken a very comedic approach to what is normally a violent or emotional moment in their licensed games. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is following the pattern with “The Squad,” a Suicide Squad DLC that has been tamed down to make it more family friendly. The Suicide Squad… Read more »

Wonder Woman Movie: Studio Searches For Female Director [Report]

Wonder Woman movie

Warner Bros. is reportedly looking for a female director to helm the recently announced Wonder Woman movie. The film would mark the first time the superhero has had her own standalone film, and also the second time a female director leads such a production. In the aftermath of the studio’s announcement of nine superhero films… Read more »

‘Gotham’ Star Ben McKenzie Injured While Shooting Batman Show

Ben McKenzie

In the new DC/Warner Bros. series Gotham, Ben McKenzie plays Detective Jim Gordon – eventual police commissioner and friend of Batman. Unfortunately for Ben, acting in Gotham can sometimes be just as dangerous as actually fighting crime in Batman’s city. Yesterday, while shooting a scene for Gotham where Detective Gordon was engaged in “fisticuffs” with… Read more »

‘Teen Titans’ Live Action Series Coming To TNT

Teen Titans

Warner Bros. and DC comics are bringing a new live-action series called Titans — based on The Teen Titans comic book — to television. According to the Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. would like Titans to air on TNT. Both Warner Bros. and TNT are owned by Time Warner Inc. Long before the lighthearted Teen… Read more »